Embedded with functions of 3D virtual reality, online spreading, and data analysis, IDEAMAKE breaks up all leashes of house-viewing, build up the strong linkage between developers or real estate specialists with potential buyers, achieving accurate and efficient marketing.


All-in-one-place: An iPad with an H5 link carrying all marketing materials. Demonstrate location advantages, 360 master plan, 3D project walkthrough, 2D & 3D floor planning. All functions combined into one product, replace 90% of applications on the market.

Easily Accessible

Display the project in any environments such as sales centre, project conferences, housing exhibitions, outfield pitches or show publicity. By adapting the needs of real estate marketing, the set of the product of IDEAMAKE could be applied to any circumstances.

Backstage Data

Intelligent statistics on client’s interaction with the project. Dual-access backend data combination of sales personnel and management portal leads the sales process to be more accurate and efficient for the management team.


Advantages of IDEAMAKE

Offline demonstration panel & online 360 project hometour to create a double impact. Reach clients from around the world through online 360 project modeling.

Low cost, quick implementation of any modifications and can be used repeatedly. Be ahead of the game, stand out from competitors, pre-sell new builds instantly.

Online 3D model and 360 interactive experience accessible from anywhere, guaranteeing the most immersive experience, providing a true sense of presence.

Connect with clients online anytime anywhere with visitor tracking system and evaluate both effectiveness and efficiency of marketing in real-time.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

Limited demonstration chance with paper materials. Sell properties to only local residences or known contacts

High cost and long production cycle of paper materials. Long waiting and preparation time to market.

House-viewing through the show-flat only. Limited customer interaction and experience with paper materials.

Lose client interaction after they view show flats. Constraint on evaluating the marketing efforts.

Promote the progress and transformation of the real estate marketing with technology

Company Introduction

IDEAMAKE has always been driven by the desire to revolutionize the marketing solutions of the property industry. We reshape the decision-making process in real estate through the most innovative and best-in-class 3D virtual technology.


Based on a deep understanding of the property industry, we developed a closed-loop digital marketing solution integrated with offline display, online dissemination, and data analysis.


We have completed and delivered projects to  80% of China’s top 100 developers and our expertise have spanned the globe including the USA, United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Philipines.

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