Under the Coronavirus: Online Sales Gallery is Full Blooming in China’s Property Industry 

 The real estate industry in China is performing the “ fire and ice” between online and offline because of coronavirus. On the one hand, offline sales galleries are required to close by the government during the coronavirus outbreaks in many China’s cities, and all activities are canceled to minimize the public gathering. The “pause button” is pressed in China’s real estate. On the other hand, in order to rescue the transaction volume, online sales gallery is full blooming in China’s property industry. According to the data from Cricchina, 143 China’s property companies of the top 200 have set up online sales gallery, of which, 90% of the top 50 have taken the action. Let’s see what the hell online sales gallery looks like?

Like a Web Portal, All Information Can be Found of the Project   

Online sales gallery is based on mini-program in WeChat ecology, just like a web portal, you can find all the information of the house you want to buy, such as company and brand introduction, E-brochure, 3D location mapping, 3D master plan, 3D house plan, 3D exterior and interior walkthrough, online activity dynamics and so on. This is equivalent to home buying service systems being moved to online. Sales and agents always said that it is hard to find our clients, on the contrary, it is not an easy thing for clients to find us. Online sales gallery is the platform linking developers and clients. You can see from the homepage of the online sales gallery many promotions banners scrolling back and forth, it is a good way to attract clients and keep them sticky. All the information for the sales gallery can be shared easily to our clients and all shared information is accompanied by the message of the sharer, it is convenient for the sales and agents to do the marketing. 

Spawning New Way of House Viewing: Live House Viewing

Live in this era must be no strange to live broadcast, but live house viewing is fresh news for us spawning because of the coronavirus. We all know that buying a house is a big matter in many people’s life, even though we can see the house via VR/AR or 3D virtual reality technology and the effect is amazing, our doubts will not be disappear, we believe the real thing we see using our eyes. Hence, this is the main stage for living house viewing. Sales or agents can launch a live house viewing from the platform of their online sales gallery, it is the same as the real live broadcast, the audiences can send bullets and gifts while they are watching the real house. Why should we use mini-progress to launch a live house viewing, not a social medium? Two reasons can explain this, the first, the traffic, we gain from the live house viewing, will be intercepted if we use social mediums to launch it. If not, we can convert the traffic by ourselves via a mini-program. The second, if a client is interested in the house during living house viewing, he can switch interface into the homepage of online sales gallery directly.

24-Hour Online Service Consulting System + Online Points Mall

Online sales gallery is opening 24-hour, you can choose the sales or agents according to the number of their likes to consult whenever you have questions. It is amazing, right? According to the number of likes! The mini-program, powered by IDEAMAKE, can automatically match excellent sales or agents and set the ranking of them according to its algorithm system. This mechanism allows all efforts to be seen, thus forming an upward self-driving force in the sales or agents team.

The basic logic of the online points mall is full use your clients’ resources to do the marketing. Adopting the way of points to exchange gifts to encourage your clients to do the project promotions, can make the project maximum exposure in a short time. It is a little bit like general marketing. Maybe online points mall is more complex on the logic because the developers need to define all the behaviors in the client promotion process. The sales and agents love the function in practice.

Online Sales Gallery: not just for Presentation, You Can Finish the Purchase Process 

The biggest demand for developers is online subscription in the special time, as we all know, buying a house is accompanies with a pretty complex process especially online, containing online capital verification, online fundraising / refunding, online housing selection, online signing, online payment etc. IDEAMAKE, one-stop digital marketing services provider, is the only one company can online the function so far, have already online some mini-program with the function such as Phoenix cloud for Country Garden, Wanwan for Vanke, Times+ for Timesgroup etc. The function is also convenient for the clients, just move the finger, can buy a new house.

Online sales gallery does have brought giant traffic during the coronavirus, and some projects get millions of PV in 10 days. However, the sales gallery becomes popular due to coronavirus, many people are not optimistic about its prospects. But the destiny of the online sales gallery depends on what is left on the platform of the online sales gallery after the coronavirus. We can feel that there is a trend of the real estate development is the combine offline with online. On-line is a migration of habits, not just the habits of users, but also the habits of service providers, and coronavirus just provides an opportunity to develop the habits. If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us: contact@ideamake.cn.

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