Under Coronavirus:Community Commerce Ushers in a Moment of High Light

Various business commerce owners feel much pressure during coronavirus outbreak because their offline shops weren’t unable to open. On the contrary, supermarkets, fruit stores, drug stores, etc, in communities didn’t be affected, opened all the time. Because people are not allowed to go out during the coronavirus, these stores meet people’s hard demands of life. Community commerce, with its scene and sensing advantages, ushered in the moment of high light and gained unprecedented reliance.

Community commerce was mentioned as an impression of high vacancy and low flow of people in the past. This time, whether the high dependence brought by the coronavirus can continue. What are the development opportunities for community commerce? The future is worth imagining.

1 Attract clients at a lower cost

Compared with supermarkets and shopping malls, the traffic of communities is more accurate and fixed. The target clients of supermarkets and shopping malls tend to be the whole city, the region, the customers’ demands are scattered and the positioning is not easy. But community-based businesses are clustered with people of similar features. Most of them have similar incomes and education levels, and their consumption tastes are generally the same. These are conducive to community commerce to reach customers at a fixed point. What’s more, as a business owner, you can use this kind of concentrated and accurate traffic to build online communities, such as parent-child community, Baoma community, grandma square dance community, etc., to expand the possibility of consumption.

2 Online delivery at a faster speed

In general, community commerce relied on its superior geographical location has an outstanding performance during the coronavirus, but it is undeniable that community commerce also emphasizes the offline touch (even the distance is more close), so online delivery is the key. Especially by the coronavirus, the online purchase of living goods such as fresh food has become the norm. For example, your salt is used up when you are cooking, you order it on your online community shop, the salt is delivered within 10 minutes. It is very convenient for us to handle some emergencies and cater to people’s pursuit of healthy and fresh foods.

3 Extension of home at better community services

Community commerce is easier to meet people’s individual needs, In some communities, there are many white-collar workers, so these community businesses will set up community bookstores, community coffee shops, etc. Some communities with elderly people and children will provide services such as casinos and leisure centers. Community is essentially an extension of the home, take Vanke as an example, Vanke launched V-LINK model in its some communities, which incorporates crowdfunded cafe projects, maker spaces, community libraries, community schools, children’s play centers, sports parks, sports malls, etc. What’s more, matched online services: community app “Live Here” provides one-stop entertainment services for community residents. So Vanke has formed an O2O closed-loop model of property service, community communication, and business circle service platform. Community commerce must be the integration with business, social and entertainment service soon.

Many developers have turned their attention to community commerce when they see the huge potential of community commerce during the coronavirus. The slogan for delivery to the last mile has begun to practice. What’s your opinion about the development of community commerce? If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us: contact@ideamake.cn.


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