Transformative Property Marketing —— Let Prospects Come to You Initiatively

Having a successful business is not only about choosing the right market or having a high-quality product, but also the way you market your business to your audiences. Today, the fast-growing number of digital media and digital users in the world trigger a new way of marketing, which is Digital Marketing. We all know that marketing is important for any business, including for property developers. In order to reach goals or prospects, property developers need to market their projects in the right direction and make the most of it. 

To give further understanding, you need to fathom what digital marketing is. Unlike traditional marketing, which is a conventional mode of marketing that helps to reach out to a semi-targeted audience with various offline advertising and promotional methods such as newspaper, magazine, flyers and billboards, Digital Marketing focuses more on promotion does through the internet or electronic devices such as mobile phone. 

As technology and digital media are growing fast, traditional marketing shows several drawbacks for property developers in marketing their product. One of them is little interaction to the audience. Traditional marketing is a one-way marketing; hence there is little or even no interaction between the audiences which may set drawbacks for the development of businesses. Then, traditional marketing also has no control over timing as it depends on promotional methods that once executed and cannot be updated at any time. Next is higher cost. The cost in traditional marketing can prove to be huge; however, may not give a good return. Why? Because if you want to reach out to your audience, you need to make and print paper materials every time, so this is time-consuming and money-consuming.

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing shows a remarkable influence and benefits for property developers in marketing their product. The reason why digital marketing is essential for property developer is because the internet and digital media are becoming the most used tools. A lot of people are using internet to carry out their daily activities which also involves purchasing property. With digital marketing, apart from going out to find your audiences, audiences can reach you initiatively. Whether it is the advertisements on Google or creating marketing content like blogs, everything aims to attract property prospects and spreading barnd & project awareness. You will get the chance to ping ads on targeted buyers based on your potential customer profiles and therefore your budgets of marketing will be lower compared to traditional marketing.

Thus, if you are looking for the best digital marketing partner for property developers, IDEAMAKE is ready at your service. IDEAMAKE has always been driven by the desire to revolutionize marketing solutions for the property industry with 8 years’ experience.

Next, let’s take a look at how IDEAMAKE products serve real estate developers.

IDEAMAKE all-in-one innovative marketing solution includes three products: IPAD Demonstration Panel, Mobile Hometouring, and Visitor Tracking System, which creates a close-loop in digital property marketing.


iPAD Demonstration Panel-Impress your clients the first time they saw your project

It integrates interactive location mapping, 3D project master plan, 3D garden walkthrough, interior walkthrough, balcony view, house type, and etc. into an app. Compared with the traditional sales gallery, it is easier to maintain, lower cost, get rid of physical constraints, and provide high-definition, convenient and interactive display effect for the project.

Mobile Hometouring-The best place for house viewing is clients’ own sofa

All contents of the projects, transplanted from iPad Demonstration Panel are gathered in one interactive mobile link. Customers can view the house immersively and detailly on their mobile phone and share with their family and friend at any time.

Visitor Tracking System-Real-time Customer Behavior Report Provide Personalized Services

The big data platform provides accurate analysis to help the project managers realize data management and provide data guarantee for the unified management at the collective level and project level.

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