Top 3 Most Popular Social Media Apps in China

With a population of over 1.4 billion people, China is one of the liveliest countries in the world, with 71% of its population being active social media users and spending on average 5-6 hours on the internet per day.98% of internet users watch videos, 71% watch live streams, 53% play live-streamed video games, and 74% online shopping using their mobile phones. (Source:Tencent)

Using social media in China for marketing purposes is a powerful and cost-effective way to connect with consumers. Comprehensive knowledge of the country, the behavior of Chinese internet users and the application of digital marketing tools are all key elements required to succeed in China.

Now,this article will update you on the Top 3 Most Popular Social Media Apps in China.


Since the development of WeChat in 2011, in just 8 years, the number of users has reached 1.1 billion. As a new way of network communication, WeChat has quietly penetrated into the daily life of the public and gradually been cited by various industries. The “WeChat Era” has quietly come.

WeChat was born as a messaging app just like WhatsApp. However, instead of being a mere messaging app, it has now become an all-purpose digital tool capable of everything from social sharing to different online businesses.


•Instant messaging :text, voice,and video

•WeChat Moments: allows users to view contacts’ latest updates via Facebook-style timeline

•Scan QR codes, read hot stories, search for news and articles,

•WeChat Official Account: allows businesses and individuals to engage with their followers. You can also link an e-commerce store to your WeChat Official Account.

•WeChat Pay: Enable transfer money to your friends and family, shop online, play online games, pay for goods and services in both online and offline shops.

QR Code Scanning: Scan to add friends, scan to pay,scan to enter link or mini program. 

•Services: for example, order takeaway, book a flight or rent a car by launching mini  programs within the WeChat app


You may be familiar with Tik Tok, which’s  Chinese name is Douyin. It is basically a short-video platform allowing users to create, share, and view 15S videos based around lip-syncing, dancing, comedy skits, and other physical activities. The Chinese mini music video social network combines funny and interesting short clips, an immersive full-screen interface and powerful AI for its sticky magic.

In China, Douyin reported 400 million monthly active users, 50% of which were daily active. They open the app four or five times a day, using it for around half an hour daily.(Source:Byte Dance)

Douyin commands market penetration of 30% in China. Its popularity benefits from its simple concept–short videos and its easy use.

Marketing on Douyin should be the same. The most ordinary people can become famous on Douyin as long as their videos provide something valuable to the right audience. It’s more about the ideas of your videos and how to make your videos truly catching rather than caring too much about which functions/ programs the platform can offer.


•Text, voice chat function;

•Support online payment function;

•Short video function;

•Douyin Ads

3.Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is another dominant social media in China. A micro-blogging platform released in 2009, it has since become the most popular micro-blogging platform in China.

Best considered as a combination of Twitter and Facebook, Weibo has 446 million monthly active users (June 2019).

Weibo has evolved into an entertainment platform that encompasses the features of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube rolled into one. Its partnerships with local TV networks, foreign sports leagues, celebrities, and online influencers have allowed it to create a rich library of engaging content that caters to a variety of interests.

Weibo is mostly used for spotting the latest trends and entertainment, updating on famous celebrities or influencers as well as discussing social issues. Users can open their own accounts and post multimedia content. Weibo also integrates e-commerce into its platform.


•Feed: create and share feeds

•Trends & Discovery Zone: discover the latest trending topics


•Weibo Wallet, Messenger, online games, short videos, live streaming, and informational feeds

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