To Be Or Not To Be, the Destiny of China’s Online Sales Gallery After Coronavirus

With the coronavirus under control, the offline sales galleries are reopening one by one, so the focus of China’s real estate marketing has also been transferring from online to offline. How can developers convert the customers accumulated by online sales galleries during the coronavirus outbreak? How can developers balance the relationship between offline sales gallery and online sales gallery?What’s the destiny of online sales gallery after coronavirus?

Proven in practice, online sales gallery, carrying completed brand and project information, strong communication and fission capabilities, is benefit for projects to touch more potential clients in a shorter time. The integration of marketing between online and offline is the trend of China’s real estate in the future. Some points will be given to support the view.

1 Assist in Building a Safer Offline Sales Gallery

The premise of reopening the offline sales gallery is to do a good job in epidemic prevention and disinfection. In response to the government policy, to meet the needs of reservations of house viewing, online sales gallery has launched the function of online reservations of house viewing. The person who wants to go to offline sales gallery can make the reservation online, There will be a bulletin board on the booking interface to remind clients of house-viewing precautions, such as wearing a mask. After seeing the bulletin, the clients can fill in some information including reservation time, the client’s number. The clients just need to scan the QR code when they come to offline sales gallery. What’s more, the manager of sales gallery can control the maximum number of reservations per hour effectively.

2 Assist in Converting Online Traffic——Gaining More Clients

Scores of developers and agents accumulate many potential clients during coronavirus outbreak, although offline sales galleries reopen gradually, the offline sales gallery adopts an appointment system, and the daily reception volume is limited according to the requirements of government. Developers can arrange the customers of high intention in advance according to the data analysis from online sales gallery. What’s more, developers can host a lot of promotions at online sales gallery such as buying coupons with 8 yuan to deduct 10000 yuan when paying for a house or allowing customers to reserve a house online by online house registration system. which can help developers lock customers in advance and prevent customers from being split by competitors.

3 Assist Developers in Building Private Domain Traffic Pools

In fact, the main buyers of houses today are the aborigines of the Internet, who like and are used to online shopping. there was indeed a certain psychological threshold because buying a house is one of the biggest things for many China’s families. However, clients are starting to be used to online house purchasing because of many promotions and preferential policies launched by developers such as no reason to check out during coronavirus. More importantly, all client resources harvested by the online are stored in the online sales gallery like private domain traffic pools. Developers can convert the traffic so that it decreases the cost of distribution. Besides, these client assets can be transferred to other projects by online sales gallery easily.

The offline sales gallery is reopening now. On the one hand, it is necessary to respond to the government policies to make reservations for house viewing in advance and real-name registration; on the other hand, it is necessary to lock customers through online house registration system as soon as possible to avoid clients being snatched by competitors. Finally, it is necessary to make a long-term plan for the online sales gallery and continue to divert traffic for projects. If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us:

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