The Top 5 Proptech Storm Will Hit Real Estate Industry in Next Decade(3)——Property Management Software/Wechat Mini program

Increased application of Proptech in real estate industry is resulting in the implementation of automation software for almost everything, from buying properties only offline to touring homes anytime anywhere and the full process of online house buying; from potential leads generation for real estate sales/agents to automating tasks for property managers. Today, software and applet automate every part of the industry, allowing many property businessmen working more efficiently and easily.

Property management software/applet can be roughly divided into two categories, one is house pre-sale management helping sales to sell the properties faster, the other is after-sale management helping property manager and landlord control tenant and lease tracking. Next, let’s talk about it specifically.

1 Pre-sale Property Management Mini Program

Property pre-sale management WeChat mini program is hitting in the Chinese real estate market, because of its light(no installation requirement), spreadable, data traceable and multi-functional features.  Like an online sales gallery of a real estate project, it contains everything about a project, including project 2D & 3D views, brand and project introduction, online consulting services, events, news, coupons, mortgage calculator and etc.

It is definitely more than a portable project website. First, it supports 3D visualization scenes such as 3D scale model, 3D floor plan, 3D walkthrough, and interactive location mapping and branding, etc, all of them can be shared anytime anywhere by sales, agents as well as customers. Besides, everything sales shared contains sales’ own information. Second, if the potential customer has any questions about the project, he can inquire instantly by message or phone call from the sales list (excellent sales will be listed on the top). Third, developers can launch the offline activities on the mini program, inform potential customers to join it, and carry on electronic sign-in. By doing this, both online and offline statistics are integrated. Developers can easily calculate the ROI of the activities. What’s more, every sales/agent have their own independent electronic project card, they can check all customers’ real-time visits report and manage them instantly. Property WeChat mini program provides one-stop service to boom property selling, the top one company provide the services is IDEAMAKE(公司链接) accounted for 70% market share.

2 After-sale Property Management Software

After-sale property management software mainly helps in minimizing losses and ensuring that the property is utilized well for more profit and customer services. it also contains property maintenance functions that assist in property maintenance. Those property software is very popular in North America and Europe because of the huge rental market. Don’t necessarily tell you, property managers or landlords have a lot on their plates, the type software is designed to help them easily manage those routine tasks like dealing with maintenance requests and collecting rent payments.

More than just managing your properties, the software makes related worker life easier. First, it can simplify rent collection providing general ledger accounting, tenant, lease tracking, on-demand report, and late fee reminders, etc. Second, it has automatic data backup abilities conducted with secure servers and can move-in and move-out wizard makes the turnover process for the customers more manageable and intuitive. Third, it also offers processes such as transaction management, letting users create and evaluate scenarios for more efficient financial planning. Users can take part in and forecast potential costs and identify possibly saving opportunities. With property software, you can control a few properties to more than 50 while remaining organized each well. Much well-known software in the market such as Buildium, AppFolio Property Manager.

What questions do you still have about the Property Management Software/applet? If you have any questions or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us: We will talk about another Proptech: Augmented and Virtual Reality. Keep expectations if you like our articles.

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