The Role of 3D Master Plan in Real Estate

In recent years, the 3D master plan has become increasingly popular in the real estate market. Developers want to show real estate in a well-organized way, while traditional physical master plan shows less content. Displaying real estate through a 3D master plan can make buyers feel the immersion of real estate. This dynamic technology display is more attractive to customers, which is to better watch the house. This is a brand new experience that will encourage homebuyers to have a good expectation for real estate projects.

What is the role of the 3D master plan in real estate?

1. Accelerate customer understanding and communication and save time.

For real estate developers, the real estate digital experience marketing system can speed up customer communication and reduce communication costs. The advantages are obvious compared to the flat form of merchandise display. Enhance the user experience with the 3D master plan. Present key amenities around the project precisely without any physical limitations.

2. It is characterized by real-time and interactivity.

The charm of real estate digital marketing lies in real-time, showing the effect and function of the project to customers in advance, which can fully demonstrate the advantages of the project and improve the bargaining space of the project.

3.Increase consumer desire to buy

Connect your 3D master plan with the property’s floor plan and 360 walkthroughs. Show master plan in a series of display forms such as daylight or evening mode, half virtual and half real structure, outside lights, shadow, sunshine and wind direction simulations. Let customers observe projects from all angles and dynamically, let them understand the functions and functions of each part of the project, and even let them interact with the products so that they can more accurately understand the housing project and enable consumers to make purchasing decisions. More confident, improve consumption by experiencing tactile feelings. Increase the customer’s desire to buy.

4.Advanced marketing methods

Get rid of physical restrictions of a sales gallery, make sales pitch at any time, anywhere. In real estate sales, the traditional way is to make a physical master plan. Since the physical master plan must be scaled down, only the bird’s-eye view image of the community can be obtained, and the building space of the project cannot be felt from the perspective of ordinary people. At the same time, after the model is produced, the transformation cost is very high and has great limitations. The application of the real estate digital marketing system brings unparalleled realism and sense of the scene to the target customers, which makes the ordering decision faster and more accurate, and greatly speeds up the sales of goods. At the same time, the real estate digital experience marketing system can also be used in the network and multimedia to spread product information more conveniently and quickly.

3D Master Plan Application Advantage

1.3D master plan is an upgrade to the physical master plan. It makes use of virtual reality technology and three-dimensional technology and uses the new technology triggered by the electronic age incisively and vividly.

2. In space, information and touch screen master plan on three screens. From the three-dimensional scene of the space screen, all the real world can be displayed accurately, such as querying geographic information arbitrarily, adjusting browsing angle arbitrarily, adding annotations according to need, etc. The operating system, video, and other information; can also be controlled by touch screens.

3.3D master plan not only brings visual experience but also introduces interactive technology into the 3D master plan, which provides an unprecedented interactive experience.

4. According to the customization of the digital master plan in space, unique image and momentum highlights appear in front of the audience. Space exhibits hang in the central space of the exhibition hall. Through the combination of exhibits and Exhibition space, the space of the exhibition hall can be fully utilized.

In short, the highlights and selling points of the real estate will be displayed on the intelligent and contextual interactive platform, making it easier for consumers to accept real estate and promote sales in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

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