Real Estate Marketing Textbook: Times China

The Covid-19 forced the digital marketing of real estate into a new schedule and spawned a wave of rough and homogenous live sales, VR viewing, and online activities in a short period of time… At this time, Times China quietly opened a fresh attempt.

Regarding this event, we interviewed Jiang Hao, the marketing planner of Time + Mini-Program Operation Department, as he said: this live broadcast is not only intended to break the traditional image of the real estate industry but also to promote the brand concept of “life artist” into the hearts of the clients. In terms of the entire industry, not only live broadcasting, Times China is in a leading position in the entire digital marketing. Especially the integration of real estate e-commerce platforms and national marketing is what we are good at.” 

During the Spring Festival, Times China launched vouchers valued 8.8 yuan, which can deduct 30000 yuan when buying a house. The campaign has already received exciting rewards from the market. When real estate marketing enters the post-epidemic stage, Times China has started to explore more imaginative digital marketing methods.

Times China invokes everyone to throw away their identity tags, believing that even if their talents are limited, they will bring their own brilliance. The event returned to the focus on “people”, through the staff group PK and pay attention to the cultural appeal of the first-line real estate marketers to give the brand more temperature and emotion. At the same time, Times China combined a talent vote with 9.9 yuan to deduct 30,000 home purchase vouchers. As a result, it easily sold more than 200,000 home purchase vouchers to achieve accurate targeting of target customers and achieve online extensions.

National Marketing: Playing Internet + Mode

The first step of live broadcasting in Times China is the selection of channels. In addition to Times  China’s own platform-mini-program, the event is also broadcast live on Douyin and Fang Tianxia (the main traffic platforms in China), ​​using online short videos and social platforms to allow spontaneous fission to touch more people. The reason for this choice is because the fashion youth of Douyin fits well with the “humanistic, stylish and artistic home experience” that the era wants to create; and Fang Tianxia may also help us Platform to get traffic. “

Second, Times China event adopts a group selection model similar to the “101 Series Draft”. The final winner property consultant can live broadcast with the big gun Guo Jiafeng on the final night of 5.15. Jiang Hao said :“Choosing web celebrities that mainly create original videos of Cantonese content and Cantonese culture is targeted to our customer base and will make the target audience feel friendly. Because most of our company’s products are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region.” The live broadcast of the finals is very attractive to front-line employees, They can push their project real estate in the live broadcast room, which will have a considerable increase in the attention of their project and the number of subsequent visits.

Third, the purchase coupon of 9.9 yuan to deduct 30,000 yuan will be invited as a commodity in the live broadcast room. Leverage play is not new in marketing, but the attractive created by 3000 times leverage and the negligibly low threshold of 9.9 yuan psychologically ease the distance from customers, and also bring more than 200,000 high-intention customers.

Times China universal marketing is very conducive to the voluntary recommendation of employees and even owners. This very “Internet” marketing model has attracted high-quality target users at a low cost and brought a high percentage of customer conversions.

Motivating employees within the group is critical to event marketing. Only by inspiring everyone to work together and let the activity boil internally, can better radiate the outside. An inadvertent forwarding will automatically record the path in the background. When a customer deals, if his information matches your share, the commission will be automatically transferred to your account. This will bring unexpected benefits to the shared employees and customers, which everyone likes to hear.

Times China+ mini-program: Digital Benchmarking

From launching on Fangtianxia, ​​Anjuke and other platforms to the group’s start to build its own H5 link, and then in 2019, it cooperated with IDEAMAKE in the era of Times China + mini-program. Time China has witnessed the era of the fastest digital marketing iteration.

Time + Mini Program was launched in just half a year. It explored a variety of online marketing methods for real estate companies. With the exciting results of large and small activities, Times China ’s online investment and budget are also rising. Jiang Hao believes that this is inseparable from the whole group’s emphasis on new things. “The average age of the employees of the era is only 28 years old. Although real estate is a traditional industry, we have been exploring new things.”

From the traditional sales method to online resources in a short period of time, this change has spread rapidly in the head real estate companies. At the same time, the era + small program team is also rapidly developing and mature. Jiang Hao said: “our functions have become more subdivided, investment, products, activities, strategic consulting … professional things need professional people to do.”

During the Covid-19, benchmark real estate companies quickly entered online marketing, and frontline personnel maintained a wartime state; the haze of the Covid-19 dispersed and they began a more imaginative exploration of marketing. Perhaps the property market in 2020 will be recorded in the future industry history as follows: the year with the least certainty, the year with the worst news, and the year with the best identification of marketers.

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