Real Estate Live Broadcast: It Must be Done by Professional People

Recently, there have been many interactions between the live broadcast industry and the real estate field. From Weiya selling vouchers to Li Xiang selling houses, various comments have been mixed.

What should we do to sell houses by live broadcast?

As a leader in real estate digital marketing, IDEAMAKE has recently upgraded the function of live broadcast (one part of marketing cloud mini-program) to provide the industry with a one-to-many live broadcast based on its own marketing platform, which can stably support no more 50 clients joining the live room simultaneously. Developers and consumers break the time and space restrictions of house viewing and bypass the traffic loss cut out by third-party platforms, and realize the closed-loop ecological creation of the whole process of “house listing display-live broadcast explanation-marketing offers-transactions ” within a single platform, use technology to drive the real estate “people-goods-field” frequency so that developers have a stronger marketing vitality.

1.More accurate clients screening
By publishing the live broadcast notice on the marketing platform, consumers can filter the live broadcast events of interest-based on the live broadcast theme, and make an appointment and the system will send a message reminder before the broadcast starts.

Customers who take the initiative to make appointments will always be more accurate than others. The live streaming viewing can help developers attract high-intention customers who are really interested in listings by optimizing marketing themes and live streaming content and avoid traditional offline marketing methods with the high cost and low conversions such as to send flyers, third-party platform presentation, and distribution channels. The risk of low-intention customers and fake traffic brought to enhance the value of the customer group.

2.More benign marketing interaction
Real estate, as a typical high-price & low-frequency trading scenario, requires that the live content must be professional.

In addition, during the live broadcast process, prospective customers can interact with the real estate consultant through likes, messages, barrage, etc. to obtain real-time answers; the real estate consultant can set up marketing activities such as sweepstakes and coupons in advance to establish benign interactions. The live content supports the unlimited review, which provides great convenience for the repeated understanding of the intended customers and the follow-up of the property consultant in the later period.

3.More impressive input-output

Due to the constraints of time cost and physical space, the number of sessions and people that can be covered by traditional offline group viewings are very limited. In addition, traditional offline marketing will consume a lot of manpower and material resources. After house viewing, the evaluation of the customer’s intention and order pushing also become a problem, which makes the property consultant fall into an embarrassing situation what should we do at the right time and the right place to follow-up clients?.

In comparison, IDEAMAKE live broadcast has no limit on the number of people joining, through the preview-reservation interactive marketing method and online organization form, to reduce unnecessary labor costs, time consumption and expense input. At the same time, the platform users who take the initiative to make appointments have their own high-intention attributes, which will provide a basis for the follow-up transformation in the later period.

4.Broader operating space

Based on the group strategy and marketing rhythm, major developers can combine regional characteristics and social hot events to formulate annual, quarterly, and monthly live broadcast plans to achieve marketing linkage from the group to the region, from the brand to the front line(salesperson), from the personal IP of the property consultant and the high-quality real estate IP With different content dimensions, creating a content marketing matrix that integrates pictures, articles, videos, VR, live streaming, and preferential activities has great imagination space.

For the C-end, live broadcast viewing will also greatly optimize the consumer buying experience:

Convenient: You can view the world’s best houses without leaving the house, saving time and energy, and avoiding the fatigue of the car and the sun;

Efficient: Support live content playback, you can use the commute and other fragmented time to view the live broadcast of the intended house;

Same screen: When the life rhythm of many house-buying decision-makers is inconsistent, the offline house-watching time is not synchronized, and the online house-watching can be easily solved;

Reality: Based on the display of pictures, videos, VR, and other effects, supplement more real and objective details of the house to make the information more transparent.

Preferential: Cooperate with the developer’s marketing activities, lock in the preferential during the live broadcast process, realize the pre-pricing of pricing power, and reduce the cost of house purchase as much as possible.

Online trading of commodities has never been easy, and high-intention groups, high-quality commodities, and explanations and trading service scenarios are all indispensable. The difference with third-party live broadcast platforms such as Taobao is that live broadcast through the developer’s own marketing platform can not only avoid traffic loss, but also display a variety of product information intuitively, and can be fully explained by star consultants to establish professional trust and benign. At the same time supplemented by a complete transaction process and authoritative legal protection, which can achieve the same frequency of “people-goods-market” in the field of real estate marketing.

In addition, as the supply and demand relationship in the real estate market changes, rigid demand and improved housing have become mainstream investment. The rise of young homebuyers places higher demands on the real estate sector, taking houses as an important part of improving the quality of life, showing essential, differentiated and professional characteristics. Based on the high intention attributes of users on the developer’s own platform, IDEAMAKE Marketing Cloud can help developers intelligently distinguish the needs of different potential customers and provide a basis for different users’ personalized services. At the same time, strengthen the interaction between the two parties and increase the opportunities for home consultants to reach potential customers and activate low potential users. Let more professional people provide the most appropriate service to users who really need it, and improve the overall operating efficiency of the real estate industry.

At present, IDEAMAKE Marketing Cloud live broadcast function has been fully launched to help developers build a three-dimensional marketing system with strong interaction across time and space.

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