Overseas Housing Companies: How To Sell Properties To Chinese Buyers

For developers: it is not easy to sell the property to Chinese buyers, because of the differences of target market, language, space limitation, social medial environment, etc. These obstacles will prolong the sales cycle and increase marketing costs, which is not conducive to the operation of cash flow. It is time for overseas housing companies to find a better way to decrease the operation risks when planning to sell properties to other countries. Here is a successful case providing a reference for these companies. 

Tropicana, as the top five listed real estate companies in Malaysia, has the “Second Home” agency license specially approved by the Malaysian government. To meet the increasing demand for overseas real estate investment by the Chinese, Tropicana took the lead in entering the Chinese market and launched the latest flagship masterpieces such as Grandhill to meet the overseas asset allocation needs of domestic high-net-worth clients.

♦ Breakthrough geographical limitations

Grandhill, the latest project launched by the Tropicana, is located in Kuala Lumpur and is positioned as a light luxury holiday investment project. In order to sell the new project faster, Tropicana has branches in five regions in China, but the cross-border spatial distance between the target market customer and the project is a big problem for the company to expand customers group in China.

Tropicana took the initiative to seize the pulse of the “Internet+”, reached a strategic cooperation consensus with IDEAMAKE, laid out a new online marketing system. Using online marketing to empower offline, IDEAMAKE built an online sales gallery – iPad demonstration panel for Grandhill. Not only is it convenient for property sales and agents in various regions to show projects to customers anytime, anywhere, but it can draw the clients attention at first sight by careful project value sorting and exquisite visual experience. What’s more, the marketing tool can be used easily, through an interactive experience, the product itself can introduce the values of the project. It can save the time and cost of sales training.

♦ Straight hit the sales pain point

What do overseas property investors care about most? Good products solve the problems that customers care about. As the saying goes, buy a house is buy a location, the premium of the house is mainly determined by the location. Especially for overseas investors, what they value most is the investment value of the house and the future development prospect, and these all depend on the location.

IDEAMAKE combs the location value of the project in layers, from the world location to the project location. Each level has a different focus. For example, The world location tells customers that the project enjoys the policy bonus of the Belt and Road Initiative; The location of Kuala Lumpur mainly allows customers to know the rich tourism resources, investment advantages, and transportation convenience of the area. In addition, IDEAMAKE organized a display of the western education system in Malaysia, showing the advantages of Grandhill’s international school in bilingualism, dual-track education system, the status of overseas Chinese students. Which can make the dream let future generations enjoy western education come true.

From a technical perspective, all parts are designed carefully, Show surrounding facilities through the 3D master plan, show property layout through the 3D unit plan, show the future live environment through 3D interior and exterior walkthrough. All of which give customers a visual experience beyond imagination. One more thing I have to say, the 3D house tour makes the lighting and ventilation between the room and the outside field perfectly balanced, and one-to-one modeling restores spatial layout.

At the same time, Tropicana carefully planned the overall layout of the living, sightseeing, health, and education supporting facilities, so that investors can see the ideal community at a glance.

In addition, the entire project can be displayed not only on the iPad and WeChat, but also on overseas social platforms such as What’s App, Facebook, and Line. The property sales can promote the project at any time in any region.

In order to reach more potential clients, the Marketing Cloud is built by IDEAMAKE to empower the project, more details and effects about the product will be introduced in the next article. If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us: contact@ideamake.cn.


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