Outbreak of Home Purchase Demand, How to Reach Harvest Customers

During the coronavirus, the demand for house purchasing around the Spring Festival was suppressed. For such a long period of time, whether it is real estate itself or various distribution channels, a large number of customers will inevitably accumulate. In addition, during the coronavirus, the expulsion of tenants, the refusal of homeless people to return to the city, the need for more space for home isolation, etc., all stimulated the demand for housing to a certain extent. With the reopening of offline sales galleries, real estate has entered the era of online selling, Consumers were intercepted by various online traffic before going to the offline sales galleries, the time for sales waiting customers coming proactively without doing nothing just siting on the office was gone.

Let ’s take a look at how to improve customer conversion and accelerate customer gaining from the two methods of batch gaining and gaining one by one.

1. Without Customers coming to offline sales galleries and the house sold out

Under the coronavirus,due to the closure of the offline sales galleries, the real estate industry has beginning to transform under pressure from funds and Channel diversion. By online registration, customers can make remote home selections in their homes without coming to the sales galleries. IDEAMAKE launched the “Gold Hunting for Palm” mini-program for Minmetals Lands on February 23rd. All of Minmetals Lands’s projects are listed online. Clients only need to pay a 2,000 yuan subscription fee, can make online purchases through IDAMAKE exclusive housing registration platform. As a result, Minmetals Lands also handed out an excellent transcript: 100 units of the Tai’an project went online, and more than 90% of the total was registered on the first day.

2.Live broadcast: selling 280 million in 5 minutes

Since some of the real estate services have started to move online, major real estate developers have also launched various tricks of online marketing such as live house viewing, online registration, online purchasing. Take online registration as an example, customers can see the sales situation in real-time by live broadcasts. Because online registration follows the principle of fairness, customers can clearly see the changes in the number of listings through live broadcasts. Seeing the rapid decrease in the number of listings, customers are thinking about the mentality of not buying anymore. Under the pressure of urgency, customers will not hesitate to order a house. For example, Poly Hyde Park combined live broadcast with online registration. Property consultants created an atmosphere during the live broadcast and moved the original atmosphere infection from offline to online. As a result, 92 units were sold in minutes, and 150 million RMB was collected.


Discounts are often used as a tool to facilitate transactions, online sales galleries as well. Moreover, it is more convenient to use vouchers for online vouchers. For example, during the outbreak of China Merchants Shekou, 1.4 million coupons were issued. After customers choose to receive a voucher, they can use it directly when buying a house.

Only when the number and time of discount are limited for customers, and they will appreciate it more. Especially for some special-priced rooms and one-stop prices, they will be listed simultaneously for a limited time and limited quantity, and the sense of urgency and scarcity will be used to promote the registration. For example, in order to promote the transaction, Greenland Haofangtong launched the online sale function of special price listings. Five sets of special price rooms were sold within a time limit, and once set online, they were dropped.

4.Locking customers by an earnest money

Locking customers is also a way to avoid customers being robbed by competitors. Now, real estate can lock intent customers through online sales galleries. For example, Yuzhou Group directly sets 1,000 yuan to lock intent customers with real gold and silver. Longguang Real Estate launched the “Light Love Plan”, which can lock up a listing for 5,000 yuan, which can be converted into a house when subscribing, and enjoy a 20,000 yuan reduction in the total price of the house. On the day of the policy’s launch, 600 million transactions were made, and harvesting customers was very efficient.

5.Online registration without touch

After customers receive the coupon or lock the listing, they can directly subscribe and sign up online. Customers select a house online, pay the deposit online after choosing the desired house number, and realize the subscription.

After the subscription, customer directly signs the electronic subscription book online, completes the verification and identification of the identity information with the mobile phone, and completes the contract online. After signing the contract, customers can check the electronic contract and receive the electronic invoice at any time, and complete the process of online house purchase easily.

The accumulated customers and depressed purchase demand during the coronavirus will be released as the coronavirus goes away, and the customer gaining war is on the verge. Real estate companies must either harvest customers in batches through online marketing, as well as locking intent customers, so as to avoid customers being gained by opponents. In the era of online sales, customers have no boundaries. If you don’t move, your opponent will move!If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us: contact@ideamake.cn.

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