IDEAMAKE to Help Minmetals Lands Sell 90% on the Opening Day

Under the coronavirus,due to the closure of the offline sales galleries, the real estate industry has beginning to transform under pressure from funds and Channel diversion.

Evergrande took the lead in launching the flag of “online house purchase”, and the total transaction volume of the first three-day registration was 58 billion yuan, which instantly detonated the entire housing industry on February 13th. Behind this is the “Hengfangtong” contribution: Hengfangtong has not only listed all Evergrande’s projects for sale, realized a fully closed chain from house hunting-house viewing-online house registration;but also by commission rewards to encourage everyone to register as a national broker.

In the past, the China’s Real Estate Association issued a document to encourage online purchasing. Later, Evergrande has created a successful precedent. For a time, real estate developers have been testing online sales.

IDEAMAKE launched the “Gold Hunting for Palm” mini-program for Minmetals Lands on February 23th. All of Minmetals Lands’s projects are listed online. Clients only need to pay a 2,000 yuan subscription fee, can make online purchases through IDAMAKE exclusive housing registration platform. At the same time, IDAMAKE has greatly enhanced electronic contracts and other services through the Fadada (the company with rich experience in electronic contract industry), which fully guarantees efficient and legal signing and transactions. 

As a result, Minmetals Lands also handed out a excellent transcript: 100 units of the Tai’an project went online, and more than 90% of the total was registrated at that day.

Buying a house online is simple to say but not easy to practice. There are two major difficulties involved:

Technical difficulties: how to ensure the security of funds

The real estate transaction process is complex and the transaction amount is huge. It must be professional enough to give consumers a sense of security. Therefore, IDEAMAKE chose a series of professional methods such as professional identity authentication, agreement / contract signing, and online payment to ensure the safety of funds. At the same time, this process is clear and efficient, which can quickly facilitate transactions. 

Legal difficulties: how to ensure legal transactions

 Relevant agreements that need to be signed for offline purchase,it also need to be signed online by means of electronic signature to ensure that the legitimate rights of both parties to the transaction. In order to solve this problem, IDEAMAKE and Fadada have carried out in-depth strategic cooperation on electronic contracts, opened the online electronic signature process, and provided legal guarantee for online housing registration.

Online housing registration is still new thing to most real estate developers, which needs to coordinate with the internal marketing department, legal department, sales department, sales manager and others to work together and collaborate together. It also requires real estate companies to have strong operational capabilities.

Preempt time windows for Real estate companies 

The coronavirus has accelerated the process of digital transformation of the real estate industry. Many real estate developers are using online channels to gain more customers through discounts, no reason to check out, and various preferential measures. Consumers are also eyeing this wave of market, ready to seize the best opportunity to get the lowest discount. In addition, the government has issued support policies for the property market, and the real estate market is expected to usher in a turnaround.

Real estate developers are keeping an eye on this fleeting window period to quickly grasp this wave of online selling, and prepare for the first wave of sales rebound after the coronavirus .

During the extraordinary period of the coronavirus,the R&D team of IDEAMAKE used the speed of “Flash”: launch Minmetals Lands online housing registration and signing function within a week.

Behind this, it is not only the rapid response for urgent customer need and the super team collaboration ability, but also revealed Far-reaching strategy of IDEAMAKE: Completed the development and layout of the online sales gallery before the coronavirus outbreak.

This is also the reason why Country Garden, Vanke, Sunac, and Vanguard, the head real estate companies in China, will choose IDEAMAKE to help them build online sales galleries platform.

Be a leader: penetrate the core of digital marketing for housing companies and be a part of the value chain.

As a pioneer and leader of the digital transformation of the real estate industry, IDEAMAKE started from 2011 with the mobile sales system, and has continued to create and innovate in the future: From 2014 to 2016, it has successively launched the products such as the E-brochure, 3D master plan, 3D floor plan, 3D interior & exterior walkthrough, mobile home-touring and visitor tracking system for the property industry, thus setting the industry standard for online housing registration.

Nine years later, IDEAMAKE’s understanding of the digital transformation of real estate industry has long penetrated this single scene of online house viewing and directly reaches the core of housing company marketing: not only opens up the whole process of advertising, customer acquisition, house viewing, subscription financing, registration, but also builds a full life cycle portrait of user data for the housing enterprise, and the full series of closed-loop business and marketing data.

No one can anticipate the sudden outbreak, but IDEAMAKE has already anticipated the digital future of the real estate industry.

Leaders are not afraid of crises, because they have long reached for the horizon and have insight into the future.

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