IDEAMAKE- Happy Eighth Anniversary

From 2011 to 2019 ,IDEAMAKE for 8 years, 2922 days and nights,For this planet ,It’s not worth mentioning ,But for IDEAMAKE ,It is day and night, bit by bit ,all of this has made us.   

1. All greatness comes from a brave start.

With a review video, the 8th-anniversary banquet officially begins!

At the beginning of the banquet, Harry, the CEO of  IDEAMAKE, reviewed the thoughts of 2019 with everyone and launched the IDEAMAKE 2.0 product, which is the Marketing Cloud.

What happened to this year?

Harry uses two sets of numbers to bring us back to 2019.


In the past July, the monthly sales contract exceeded 18 million, a record high;

From 2011 to 2015, IDEAMAKE focused on the independent research and development of core technologies and built technical barriers for later development;

In 2016, IDEAMAKE began to achieve breakthrough development in Zhuhai and Hainan, and its performance growth has doubled every year in recent years;

In 2018, IDEAMAKE completed a small goal of 100 million ;

2019, let us continue to wait and see!


In the graduation season this year, 37 schools enrolled students to join IDEAMAKE;

Raising the sails, the ship of dreams is ready to go;

Finishing the line, the road to success begins at the foot.

2.Technology empowerment marketing grows naturally

At the beginning of IDEAMAKE ‘s establishment, the company has realized the necessity of digital transformation of real estate, focused on solving the problem of digitalization of real estate and online scenes, helping developers to establish online scene links with customers, so that customers can watch anytime and anywhere after leaving the case. The room tracks and records the behavior track of the customer’s online viewing, and precisely guides the developer’s offline marketing behavior.

And this year, based on the precipitation and thinking of the real estate market for 8 years, Marketing Cloud was came into being .

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a set of the digital marketing system that uses small programs as the carrier and digital content as the core to realize the full scene access and full data intercommunication for customers, helping the project to comprehensively improve the efficiency of the extension and lock passengers.

Marketing Cloud provides a comprehensive marketing technical support for developers, covering online materials, activities, articles, launches, as well as offline activities, marketing, visits and other full chain links, complete the digital closed-loop of real estate marketing, and solve the “real estate display and “Professional expansion and transformation”, “marketing promotion effect”, “full data management and control”, “four major bottlenecks”, 10% improvement for the industry, helping developers build data assets.

3.First-class talent, first-class contribution, first-class treatment

In reviewing the growth process, Harry emphasized that the relationship between the company and the employees is not the relationship between employment and employment, but the relationship with the need, the company needs employees to do one thing, and the employees need a platform for struggle. On this platform, employees’ efforts and efforts can be rewarded, and the rewards are not only a salary, but also growth, a sense of accomplishment and honor, and respect.

This is also the company’s talent concept:

First-class talent, first-class contribution, first-class treatment.

In terms of employee treatment, Harry officially announced: the implementation of the “Family 5 + 3″ policy and the launch of the second option incentive mechanism.

But this is not enough! In the spirit of hard work, future thinking will further improve employee benefits and strive to make every employee give full play to their value.

4.The moment belonging to IDEAMAKE is worth commemorating.

This year’s school enrollment is full of talent, blowing and playing all the way, and then watching their wonderful performances.

I have long heard that the R&D department has deep knowledge of the work and the name, satisfied the needs, and has a talent for the show.

4.IDEAMAKE wants to win, we have to win

Starting from August 1, 2011, 3 people; by August 1, 2019, 263 people will progress together;thinking for each partner to cultivate;give a broad platform and rich nutrients;the whole thought will be multiplied by the thinking rocket; seeking greater breakthroughs and gains;we think farther;we want more.

Realize our pursuit and dreams; let the fruit of accomplishment fills the hearts of everyone.

We have had so much touch and effort over the past 8 years,in the next 8 years, we have more expectations and dreams.

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