How to Use WeChat For Real Estate Marketing in China?

From the previous article, we can see that WeChat is a multipurpose platform popular in China, deeply permeate to people’s daily life and work. It combines the function of instant messaging, social media, shopping, and many more in a single mobile app. In this article, we are going to explore how to use WeChat for marketing in China.

WeChat Features for Individuals 

1.Instant Messaging

WeChat allows you to have “one-to-one” communication, the messaging functions include Messaging, voice messaging, voice and video calls. Except for one-on-one chat,One of the least known but powerful WeChat features inside groups is multiple video chat. It allows group members to communicate in video conference mode together. It works with up to 9 users – ideal for remote team works or even international business calls. So, if you have international buyers in China, use WeChat to chat with them.

2.WeChat Moments

When the Moments just came out, it already generates most users’ hearts. People can post their daily life, opinions and pictures through the moments, and they could choose who could see what they have posted. The people are allowed by posters to see their moments could comment and like under the posts, but they could not see the comments and likes from other people who are not friended with them on WeChat. In this function, people also could share short videos and article links and etc. Some examples of how people are using moments to do real estate marketing in China.

3.Favorites – Save anything instantly

Here is the most underused WeChat feature – Favorites. What most users don’t realize is that they can store practically anything there: from favored posts, and images to photos, locations, documents in multiple formats and voice memos. Moreover, those can also be shared and synced across multiple devices.

Favorites notes can create text, geographic location, voice, pictures, etc. After completion, it can also be marked with labels, which are convenient to be used as reminder tools and recording tools for daily important events. After editing, the note link will be displayed at the top of the WeChat home page, which is very convenient to view. As the most commonly used social tool, WeChat has been used to improve the social experience of users with application scenarios that think of various details.

4.WeChat QR Code

QR Codes are very important in promoting your company’s WeChat Official Account. You can add your Official Account QR Codes to your advertisement material, products, packaging, and more. Official Accounts are very important for your marketing strategies. Therefore, using a QR Code to invite more users to your company’s WeChat Official Account will help you in boosting your operations in China. 

Real estate developer can place WeChat QR code on any flat surface such as walls, stands, reception counters etc.(Scan QR code??)

5.WeChat Payment

Personal users can add their credit cards to their ‘WeChat wallet’. The wallet can be used to pay for goods/services within official accounts using the ‘WeChat Payment’ feature. WeChat Payment enables businesses to directly sell their products/services to customers over their official account. This in-app feature is transforming how transactions between customers and businesses take place in China.

The most popular payment features used are:

  1. Hongbaos
  2. Making Payments
  3. Money Transfer to contacts
  4. Receivable
  5. WeChat credit Card
  6. Pay off credit card

6.Life Services

The most powerful function for WeChat Pay to keep their customers is the life services. They work with the third-party platform to provide various service on WeChat. For example, hotel booking, ticket booking, electronic and water fee and so on. WeChat Pay is in filling the daily life of Chinese.

In China, WeChat is much more than a popular social network for Chinese people. The thoughtful functions make people’s daily life more convenient. It also helps marketers to develop more channels to do marketing.

Things we can do with Life Services:

•Book a Taxi,Rail & Flights

•Buy movie tickets

•Book hotels and foods

•Rent an apartment

WeChat Features for Companies 

1.Use Official Accounts

Official accounts are generally used for information sharing. For example, information for new products, marketing campaigns, consulting services, e-commerce platform, ordering services, and much more are part of the business operations and customer interaction.

When you upload your content, such as an article or a video via your official account, it will appear to your followers as a message in their inbox(Your posts appear in followers’ inbox as a friend message).Followers will be notified of your contents as messages to get the first-hand information you released.

2.WeChat Mini Program

WeChat Mini Programs are relatively new tools that keep on increasing in popularity. They are like apps that you can use directly on WeChat without needing to install them on your device. Mini Programs are used for customer support, selling products, to deliver news and so on. 

Take Country Garden for example, one of the real estate developer companies in China, establishes the the “Phoenix Cloud Innovation Marketing Joint Lab” with IDEAMAKE.

Now when customers see Country Garden’s ads, they can enter Phoenix Cloud instatnly. Through the online sales galley, they can experience the 3D master plan, virtual garden, virtual showroom, participate in online activities and receive coupons. What’s more, after customer reception in sales gallery, the sales can send his e-business card and all-in-one mobile hometouring link of the project to visitors for customer follow-up. And for the management level, all the marketing data & sales’ behaviors can be shown to realize the full-end digitalization of the marketing process. 

3.Moments Ads

WeChat recently began allowing brands to advertise on users’ Moments. A Moments feed is similar to a Facebook feed where a user can see friends’ shared photos, articles, or status updates.

Moments Ads are mostly filled by luxury brands as the price for WeChat Moments advertising is quite high, starting at 50,000 RMB for Chinese companies (almost $8,000 USD) to run a campaign.

Not only is the price hefty, but segmentation and targeting options are limited and more basic than marketers using Facebook or Instagram will be used to.

Unlike platforms such as Twitter, or video platforms, WeChat has guarded users against ads quite protectively.

As of now, a user will only see one or two moments ads per day.

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