How to Tour Your House Through Mobile?

Several application scenarios allow you to better apply the Mobile Hometour of IDEAMAKE.

Let your customers take the project material away.

Traditionally, we give the clients some 2D floor plan of the house type they favorite and hope the clients consider it again. Most of the situation, when the clients want to review the house type they forget where it is. How to let the clients watch repeatedly our project anytime anywhere? Mobile Hometour of IDEAMAKE, let Clients scan the code with their mobile phones and take your project away. They can tour your project anytime anywhere, in addition, Unforgettable interaction can attract more clients and leave them a fabulous experience that keeps them engaged.


The best scene of viewing a house is the sofa at the customer’s home.

The most relaxing moments for many people of a day may be sitting on the soft at home after work. If the customers can watch the house at the moment when they have a plan of buying a house. What a wonderful thing that is! IDEAMAKE has mature technology in this respect. All material, containing E-brochure, location value, 3D master plan, unit types orientation, 3D exterior & interior walkthrough, are gathering in the mobile phone, the customers can know everything of the project through their phone. They can contact the sales anytime if they have some questions or want to know more. the project link with sales contact information and the customers can also send messages through the link.

Support customer sharing, make purchase decisions with family and friends.

Again, buying a house is a prudent decision. Most of the time, we need to discuss the house you want to buy with our family and friends. So, we must tell them more detailed information about the house if we want to collect pertinent advice. Even sometimes we need to invite them to the sales gallery. We possibly come to many sales galleries for a house, we can’t invite them companying with us for every project. The online sales gallery of IDEAMAKE solves the question better. We can share the link of the projects we want to buy anytime. Our family and friends can understand the projects as much as we do and help us make up the decision of buying. Besides, the project has also reached more people through sharing, further expanding our potential customers.

A phone is a sales gallery. Viewing houses with the Mobile phone will be the most popular trend in the future. According to feedback from previous users, mobile phone viewing not only saves their time and cost but also gives them a better experience.

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