How to Show Your House Offline and Make It More Attractive?

Several application scenarios allow you to better apply the iPad demonstration panel of IDEAMAKE——Ipad demonstration panel

Mass Presentation: one-to-many project interpretation in sales gallery.

The situation meets in sales gallery often: there are many customers coming here at the same time. Sales can’t match every customer and many customers are not received. The scene at that time is as messy as the vegetable market. The customer’s experience is very bad, but the worst is we are likely to lose key customers. How to promise every customer being received in that case? How to make sales gallery “in Apple pie order” every day. The good way is to make multiple customers gotten Reception by a sale at one time. Maybe you will say, the way is easy to achieve, but the customer experience is likely to decrease. So, how to give customers a more unforgettable experience?Sync Screen between #LargeScreen and # Ipad can make it come true. The sales use Ipad to control the Large Screen, introduce the project to many clients and all clients can express, discuss their feelings about the house, in addition to, the sales gallery will become a higher style and more attractive.

 Market development in other cities and other countries.

When the scale of project is large enough and the developers want to attract investors from all over the world. Traditionally,the developers launch advertising on some big websites and real estate mediation platforms. High charge, low effect deeply increases developers‘ cost-effectiveness ratio. Later, the developers directly seek intermediaries to bring customers, but every order has to slash huge profits to them, and customer resources are not in developer’s hands. The developers lost the initiative and are restrained by the intermediaries. How to decrease the cost of gaining a customer? How to reserve the customer resources in own hands The demonstration panel of IDEAMAKE: All material, containing 360 views, location advantage, 3D master plan, 3D floor plan, 3D exterior & interior walkthrough, E-book, are gathering in the place, which tool can be transplanted to TV, LED Screen, Computer. So, a TV and an iPad, is a Sales showroom when we need to gain clients in other cities and other countries. Besides, the tool can track the customer’s behavior and retain customer information.

Other small application scenarios.

♣ Personal presentation: one-on-one communication in the recreation area.

Sales can introduce your house in the recreation area with an iPad when you feel your customer is tired. All material of the project in your iPad, adding interactive experience, the client also can leave an unforgettable impression.

♣  Develop potential customers out of the sales gallery.

Sales can walk out of the sales gallery when the clients are few but don’t forget to take your iPad. You can interpret your house on the streets, in the neighborhoods, in the shopping mall to enlarge the influence of the project.

♣  Press conference and Real estate expo

A good way to show the product of iPad demonstration is at a press conference if you have the plan. The high-performing display will enhance the reputation of your project in a short time.

The purpose of the product, iPad demonstration panel, is a low cost-effectiveness ratio, high effect. Driving the transformation of real estate marketing by technology is IDEAMAKE’s mission.

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