How to Use Douyin for Real Estate Marketing in China?

In China, Douyin, the popular short-video social platform, allows users to quickly and easily create unique short videos to share with friends and followers, grew from 30 million to 500 million daily active users within a year, each user on the platform opens Douyin 5 times a day on average, spending about 30 minutes per day watching video there. (Source:Bytedance)

Videos have been squeezing other types of communication out of the market for a while now; Douyin-style is now considered to be the most direct form of message. China is no exception. Hence, Douyin seems to be a perfect medium to reach out to potential customers by showing off your brand’s creative power and engaging the users.

Therefore, in this article, we won’t just introduce you to Douyin but provide you with deep detailed information on how to do marketing and e-commerce on Douyin.

1.Create a company certified account

With an account, you have an “identity” to start creating and publishing engaging videos or organizing competitions where users produce content mentioning you as well as cooperating with KOLs.

The company certified account will have a special blue logo. It can add official website links and Taobao/ Tmall shop links. The account is allowed to make up to 1 minute of video and can pin a video.

Documents required:

– A Douyin Account

– Chinese Business License

– Official certification application letter

– Certificate fee: 2000RMB

As a new marketing position of the major real estate enterprises, Douyin has strong brand absorptive capacity. Vanke, Country Garden, Poly, Gemdale,China Overseas Property and other real estate developers have aimed at the bonus period, and begin to operate the Douyin company account. Take Country Garden as an example, the Top 1 developer in China, it established a Douyin account in April 2019, which reached 3.3 million fans within half a year.

2.Create fantastic videos that amaze the audience

It is up to the company to make professional videos to promote its products or simpler ones which are closer to the audience. Basically, everything can be made into an interesting short video. It can be a link, product details, product effect showcase, even about the company workers, events…

Therefore, remember to upload good quality videos frequently on Douyin to capture the attention of millions of Chinese customers who are a hunger for your content.

Taking the real estate industry as an example, if a real estate project wants to carry out Douyin marketing, it not only needs its own excellent quality, but also needs a professional team to operate, so as to create a creative and professional video, ensure the continuous output of project value points, stabilize customer stickiness, and realize transaction transformation.

Many videos in the Country Garden’s Douyin account point out all the names of the projects in the city. In this respect, whether or not it brings customers, it is very successful in shaping the brand of real estate enterprises and projects.

3.Hashtag challenge

The hashtag is supposed to be a win-win-win situation, marketers have the opportunity to expand their reach to potential prospects, users can discover content, products, offers, and the platform generates more advertising opportunities.

Since Country Garden registered its Douyin account, it has launched a total of 3 label challenges. Among them, the tag challenge of #家圆团圆(reunion) brought a total of 320 million views. Hashtag challenge is mainly to guide users and let users participate in a topic together, which is a play method of the community, forming a discussion of several common topics. First of all, if more people participate in the same topic and watch more people, it is easier to generate hot videos. Especially participate in some current hot topics, such as some official hot spots, social hot spots, high traffic and high concerns. When you participate, the flow will be higher naturally, so it is easier to get popular recommendation, and the benefits of popular recommendation are believed to be known by everyone. This is a good way to promote the brand.

4.Working with KOLs

Working with KOLs is an important part of any marketing plan in China. KOLs on Douyin are professional video makers. They understand how to maximize the platform’s capabilities, also understand how to excite, and then convert their followers. Therefore, working with KOLs on Douyin will not only create brand captivating videos but also help brands reach and amuse millions of targeted customers.

As a real estate developers, if you have new projects coming soon. Real Estate Company can use flick account to issue challenges. Challenger is a kind of marketing activity commonly used by businesses. Generally, Challenger matches with multiple KOL for brand promotion, and uses the influence of KOL to drive more ordinary users to imitate. Once many users take part in the challenge, brand and project promotion will be seen by many people.

5.Running ads to reach accurate targeted viewers

Brand Takeover

That’s the full-screen ad displayed before the app itself is opened.

There is only ONE advertiser allowed for this type of ads per day. The ads direct users to a brand’s landing page or hashtag challenge on Douyin.

It’s usually 3 to 5 seconds long. It can be a picture, GIF-type micro-advert or video content. The skip button is on the top right corner. Users tap screen and will be directed to the landing page, which is opened in the web view.


The newsfeed in the Douyin app is basically a never-ending scrolling adventure. Videos auto-play instantly when you scroll past them- no need to press “play”.

The ads are displayed after the fourth scroll-up refresh and can be an image or a 15-60 second video. It may include (but doesn’t have to) a message and an external link. They support call-to-actions like app downloads (both App Store and Google Play) and site visits.

It is no longer possible for brands to ignore newer social networks. And different social networks call for different strategies. I hope this article can make your brand stand out and achieve sustainable growth in China’s digital ecosystem. More information, or contact us at

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