How to Track Your Customers When They Leave the Sales Center?

What should we do when the customers can’t make the decision of buying quickly and leave the sales center? Calling, calling, calling again and again, does it work? We can get the answer if we have made the survey. Everyone likes buying goods, but nobody likes to be promoted.

The layout of the retail industry has been changed by the emergence of the internet, and the cooperation between online and offline brings the spring of retail business.

Whether there is a double-line competition in real estate? The seemingly traditional industry will be affected by the internet? Let’s talk about it next?

What’s the double- line competition

The backing competition of offline is more and more fierce competition online. the online algorithm returns to the offline to reflect the actual difference of invest returns through the massive collection of data and artificial intelligence. For instance, every share bicycle, on the street of the city, is online, the core of its competition lies in the offline data collection. the optimization of offline business through big data analysis. The meaning of double-line competition is not online and offline competition, but the collaboration between online and offline, online optimizes offline layout, offline feedbacks offline business.

The double-line competition of real estate

How to answer the question of “where there is a double-line competition”, we can use another question to answer – “what should we do when the customers leave the sales center?”

This problem has been plaguing the marketing managers of real estate. The customers spend a long time considering the buying decision under the situation of self-occupation. Most clients can’t make a buying decision when they came to the sales center the first time and they need to think about it repeatedly and discuss it with their family and friends. Many people struggle for whole life only for one house, so buying a house is a prudent decision. We can’t control what happened when the customer leaves the sales center, Customers are interested in our project? Whether there is continuous concern? We can’t get the information if the real estate only concerns offline.

This is just one aspect of the problem. Can we give customers a more comprehensive and interactive material of our project, not just a 2D floor plan, let customers take it home and consider the buying decision repeatedly? Can we give customers an easier way to share and discuss the house they want to buy? Can we give Property consultants have more information about the picture of intent customers when customers leave the sales center? The answers to all questions are “we can”. So, there is a double line in real estate?

Future marketing of real estate will definitely establish an online link scene with customers so that customers can watch the room anytime and anywhere after leaving the sales center, share it with anyone they want to ask for advice, track and record the customer behavior to accurately guide the offline marketing behavior plan. Many large real estate developers have started the marketing layout between online and offline. What are you waiting for?

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