How to do Precision Marketing?

(三) Visitor Tracking System

Don’t complain about customer needs is difficult to grasp, focus on the right things – 80% of your time spends on your 20% high clients.

there are something visitor tracking system can help you with? 

♦ Help your sales follow up the right clients at the right time.

How do you know if your customer is interested in your project? Visitor tracking system of IDEAMAKE, can track customer behaviors. As property sales, at anytime anywhere you can clearly know that :“ whether your clients view your house after they leave the sales gallery? how long your clients view? Which parts your clients like? Where your clients are? If your clients share your house with their families and friends?” you can draw a picture for your clients, so that allocate your time reasonably – 80% of your time spends on your 20% high clients. Besides, you can never miss your clients if you check the system often and it makes your work more effectively.

♦ Help senior managers digitalize marketing results and sales performance easily.

How to conduct more accurate real estate marketing? According to the visitor tracking system, the senior managers can know that: “ How wide the spread of your project is? Where your target clients are concentrate? Which house types your clients like? You can adjust your marketing strategies anytime through the data. Besides, you can check the performance of every sale, manage sales’ working process & results. You can give appropriate rewards and punishments based on the performance of the sales to incentive the whole team.

The goal of the visitor tracking system from IDEAMAKE is to screen high-intention customers, manage work processes, and improve work efficiency.

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