How to achieve the best online customer acquisition in China, and never be kidnapped by channels again!

Self-built channels to prevent being kidnapped by channel vendors have been hot topics for housing companies in the past two years.

We learned that only 10% of all customers from the offline sales gallery came through the online channels owned by the real estate companies,49% of customers brought by channel agents such as real estate intermediaries come from online. The high commissions paid by real estate developers to channel operators have become the online advertising costs of channel operators. That being the case, why don’t real estate companies go online to get customers?

1.Online customer acquisition, a competitive advantage that cannot be ignored

The leading real estate enterprises and many channel merchants strive to acquire customers online. The advantage of acquiring customers online can complement each other well. Let us first look at the advantages of online channels:

  • Quick results

The reason why real estate companies reuse channel dealers is that they are quick to achieve results. And online channels, especially information flow ads, have the same characteristics. In the most typical case, ahead of real estate company once spent 30,000 yuan to put ads in a circle of friends, which attracted 4 million sales. Since then, the company has become a frequent visitor to the circle of friends.

Whether online advertising is CPC (pay-per-click)/CPM (pay-to-display)/CPA (mobile-to-pay), etc., it pays for results. Just as you advertise a customer to the sales gallery, the customer is only considered as an expense when they arrive, and there are no wasted marketing expenses.

  • User precision

Benefiting from the maturity of big data, the current online channels provide customers with labels far beyond your imagination. Every once in a while, the subject of XXX software monitoring customer privacy will appear. Its essence is based on big data marketing capabilities. It can speculate that a certain group of people is more likely to be a buyer of your product and then display it in a targeted manner.

  • Controllable costs

Compared with offline channels, the input of online channels can be minimized. A planner and designer can do the most basic work. Under the premise of stable copywriting and content, the conversion rate of customer leads is determined. This also means how much money you can do for how many things.

The traditional way of acquiring customers for housing companies belongs to the “e-commerce through”: I have a product and advertise it everywhere for customers to see, and then attract interested customers to actively buy. In the seller’s market, using “e-commerce through” to obtain customers is the most labor-saving. But when the market turns into a buyer’s market after a long period of sideways trading, the channel for acquiring customers with “traffic through” catches up.

Therefore, when acquiring customers online, real estate companies should learn to use “traffic through” to think about problems.

2. What kind of online advertising is more attractive to customers?

The advantages of online advertising have been shown to everyone. Next, let’s talk about what online advertising is the most attractive.Online advertising generally consists of two parts: an advertising page and a landing page (a form page to obtain user leads). The advertising page is responsible for attracting customers to click, while the landing page focuses on conversion, guiding customers to leave personal information.

The role of the advertising page is to attract customers to click, while the landing page focuses on the user’s lead submission, so it also determines the final result of advertising.

How to do well the content of the landing page? Here we will explain to you one by one:

  • Highlights

Limited by the advertising space, the display of the project highlights on the advertising page is bound to be extremely generalized. And the user clicks to enter, it also shows interest in this point. Therefore, a more comprehensive display can be made around two points.

  • Sell well

Although the scene showing the crowds of people in the sales office is a bit cliche, no one can deny its effectiveness.

  • Brand

If your own project has a brand advantage, it will stand out; if your own brand advantage is not obvious, you can try to borrow: it can be a well-known company, concept, policy, etc.

  • Multiple choices

A project is limited by product positioning, potential customers are determined, but if there are multiple real estate projects in an area, it can play a multiplier effects and also share marketing costs. As shown in the Vanke advertisement in the picture above, there are 6 real estate projects.

  • Exclusive offers

E-commerce discounts for online channels have been available for a long time, highlighted on the landing page, giving users an excuse to fill in clues.

  • Limited

Only scarce others will value it. With the above exclusive offers, there are clear limits and deadlines to give customers a sense of urgency.

The above are some suggestions about online marketing. If you have any questions or better suggestions, please contact

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