How do customer’s purchase needs change after coronavirus away

What has changed in the property market after the coronavirus, and how do real estate companies cope? This is what developers are most concerned about now!

A survey of demands of potential customers conducted by Future Land Development Holdings Limited a few days ago in first-and-second-tier cities and received nearly a thousand questionnaires. After careful analysis, the results are as follows:

1 The coronavirus has little effect on the number of customers buying houses, only 3% believe that house prices will fall sharply.

♦ 40% of purchase demands of potential customers keep stable, 18% is slightly delayed, and another 18% has not been sure whether to buy a house;

♦ Indeed, 13% of potential customers will cancel the house-purchasing plan by the coronavirus, but 11% of customers will accelerate the purchase or exchange of houses because of coronavirus. After accounting for the needs of high-net-worth people or foreign-funded safe havens, it was basically flat;

♦ 41% of potential customers believe that house prices will fall slightly, only 3% recon that the prices will fall sharply, and another 34% think that they will rise.

2 The demand for improvement is stimulated because of the long-term lockdown, and the house with 3 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms will become the absolute main unit.

♦ Among the customers who want to buy a house or exchange a house, only 24% are first-house buyers and 76% want to improve their house. Among the improved demands, the main unit is dominated by 3 rooms, accounting for 52%; followed by 4 rooms, accounting for 32%;

♦ Customers who used to live in a rigid house can not tolerate the small space after 2 or 3 months quarantine, so they will quickly upgrade to a bigger house.

3 4 dimension demands of house function are urged after coronavirus.

(1)The basic physiological needs such as air, sunlight, water, and quiet environment are upgraded.

♦ Good ventilation, clean air, warm sunlight, and a quiet environment that is not disturbed by other family numbers and neighbors are all precious during the coronavirus. People’s physical and psychological needs for these basic elements have been strengthened and will remain for a long time. The most precious things in the world tend to be common and universal, we will feel their importance when we lost them. Basic living needs are amplified because of coronavirus will directly lead to the improvement of customers’ living requirements.

(2)The sports facilities in the community must be upgraded to meet the individual needs of all people.

♦ Customers are more and more profoundly aware that their own immunity is the most powerful protection, and good health is the prerequisite for everything. They all need to exercise quite often, but they must be in a place where they feel relatively safe. Therefore, the sports facilities in the community must be upgraded to meet the needs of all groups from the elderly to the children.

(3)Not only take care of customer’s physical security, but also psychological security.

♦ Strictly guard the boundary between the community and the outside world, so as to ensure the safety of the community; go home line designed without touching to facilitate life and ensure your own safety; whether you are at home or outside, you can always pay attention to your family through cloud monitoring, and feel more secure psychologically … these what used to be the icing on the cake is now the key point for customers to buy a house.

(4)The space scene function needs to be upgraded, and the same space must be flexibly converted.

♦ The coronavirus changes people’s psychology and habits for a space scene. Everyone starts to expect more variable space in the house to cope with various changes … For example, a temporary increase in office scene demand during the virus, as well weekend.

The coronavirus is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity. While everyone is arguing about what products should be made, the virus makes customers aware of what is most important, thus pointing out a clear direction for developers. If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us:

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