How can Real Estate Developers Snatch Customers Through Offline Sales Galleries Reopens?

With the coronavirus under control, offline sales galleries across the country have been reopened, and the focus of real estate marketing has slowly shifted from online to offline.

Obviously,  the off-line competition for grabbing more customers is about to begin as offline sales galleries reopen. How should real estate developers seize the opportunity in advance under the situation? How to quickly harvest customers accumulated during the Spring Festival? After the coronavirus is over, in addition to continuing to market online, how should real estate developers expand customers through offline sales galleries?

1.Set competitive marketing strategies

Generally speaking, real estate project promotion strategies are divided into four types: direct price reductions, gifts for house purchases, discounts, and adjustment of payment methods. Different projects are suitable for different strategies according to the nodes of project marketing.

At present, due to the gradual recovery of house transactions, and considering the customer’s psychology of “buying up but not buying down”, few real estate companies adopt direct price reductions to sell, and more of them choose to send gifts, give discounts, and adjust payment methods to attract customers. And with “differential compensation, no reason to return housing” and other protection policies, to relieve customers of worries when they tend to buy a house.

2.Priority appointments with high-interest customers

From the beginning of the coronavirus to the present, a lot of customers have been accumulated at the online sales galleries, but the offline sales galleries have adopted an appointment system, and the number of customer reception is limited every day. How to filter the customer?

Some real estate developers use previous methods to screen customers.

For example, Hong Kong Greenland’s online sales galleries launch some promotions to filter customers, for example, customers can use 9.9 yuan to buy “small cards”, the customer can get the priority to visit offline sales galleries with the card. What’s more, some real estate companies have launched “one yuan to lock house online.

In fact, other real estate companies launch a “big cards” to achieve online registration, For example, Evergrande launched an activity of using 5,000 yuan to lock room online. In addition, in order to reduce the psychological threshold of customers, developers will use the unchecked policy during the coronavirus period to promote customer lock-in.

3. Create a safe and comfortable court environment, let customers visit with confidence

Under the influence of coronavirus, many people are reluctant to go to public places and consider it unsafe. According to the survey, many customers will pay higher prices for a healthier environment and services after the coronavirus is over. Therefore, one of the most important tasks after the offline sales galleries reopened is to create a high-quality environment and services.

Affected by the coronavirus, customers have a little cleanliness in a short time, it is best to keep each corner clean.

Secondly, it is better to have a fresh air system in the offline sales galleries, and a model room has better constant temperature and humidity equipment to make customers feel comfortable, to avoid customers’ psychological depression and psychological implication of poor ventilation and hygiene.

4.Increase marketing investment for universal marketing and seize traffic

The real estate companies have realized the importance of universal marketing and moved marketing position from offline to online during the coronavirus outbreak. Even if the offline sales galleries reopen, universal marketing must continue, because this is a very important means to create a private domain traffic pool for housing companies and reduce marketing costs.

The coronavirus is a test for real estate companies. Therefore, using online traffic for offline conversion will allow real estate companies to overcome difficulties quickly. If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us:

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