How Can Property Industry Do Anti-anxiety Marketing In The “Silver Age”(1)

Online sales galleries are blossoming across China’s real estate industry during the Covid-19 outbreak. The real estate market presents a lively scene, far less deserted than expected.

Weiya(social media influencer)hold the “live stream” for the first time On April 2. She mainly introduced the company of Hangzhou Forte, from apartment type, decoration to price, all of which were given a full introduction. As the house price, If the one-time payment is 13% off and the installment is 84% off.” Despite it is hard to sell houses directly in the online living room, because buying a house itself is a big decision for most families. However, it is a good chance to sell coupons by live stream, which way can gain clients in advance over competitors. 853 cousins were sold on Weiya’s live room. 

Before Weiya launching the live broadcast, Times Group launched an online marketing campaign, potential clients can buy a coupon with 8.8 yuan, the coupon can deduct 30000 yuan when they pay the house. The coupon can be shared through social platforms, and each sharer can get a small red envelope.

If we think more about this phenomenon and change, we will find that the main battlefield of real estate marketing has already shifted from offline to online and towards data-led refined operations. The Covid-19 is nothing more than a catalyst.

1.Real estate marketing: online sales gallery becomes the main battlefield

The online real estate marketing started in 2011 when the industry called it real estate O2O. Founded in 2011, IDEAMAKE, as a real estate digital marketing provider, has witnessed the deep development of real estate O2O. The marketing activities of Times Group mentioned above are the products and technical support provided by IDEAMAKE.

Real estate O2O refers to the online promotion and online storage of intent customers’ resources, and the intended customers also visit the house through the offline sales gallery. However, real estate O2O has encountered a very large bottleneck after nearly 10 years of rapid development.

“The previous generation of real estate O2O is not exactly digital marketing. It is just innovation on the sales side. It has a small connection between online marketing and offline transactions. The house as a commodity has not been moved online, the marketing model has not actually changed, nor has it fundamentally improved transaction and management efficiency. But today ’s real estate O2O is a new innovation brought by digitalization. ”Harry, CEO of IDEAMAKE, compared the difference of them.

According to the development trend of real estate marketing, IDEAMAKE thinks that it should be in this order:

The first step is to digitize the real estate industry and move the house transaction completely online;

In the second step, the house viewing is moved online: Consumers can lie on the sofa to view and consult their intentional house anytime and anywhere. They can also watch real-time introduction by the real estate consultant at any time through VR viewing and 1v1 live stream service.

The third step is the data association. Previous real estate developers have no way to obtain accurate data. Now all data can be recorded in all dimensions, and the developer ’s private domain traffic pool is created to collect all the traffic from production, marketing, and management. For example, when a customer visits an offline sales gallery, the salespersons can know that by date platform which houses did he visit frequently? What’s the preference of the customer?

The fourth step is marketing automation. connection the entire process from customer development to marketing, and establish a complete closed-loop for real estate marketing, which can empower salespeople to shorten the deal cycle and help clients purchase houses easier.

The fundamental reason for the change in real estate marketing is the change in the behavior and habits of buyers. Today, real estate O2O is facing more rational consumers, and the decision-making time of home buyers is generally prolonged.

Homebuyers spend more time online the search and compare the house information, and they may be more knowledgeable than property consultants and better at comparing listings everywhere. In the O2O 2.0 era of real estate, the main battlefield of real estate marketing has shifted from offline to online.

2.Successful experience behind property online traffic explosion

As a digital marketing service provider for the real estate industry, during the Covid-19, IDEAMAKE performed well: Sales have increased 15 times, of which new business (new product: mini-program-Market Cloud) accounts for 60%. IDEAMAKE Marketing cloud has been recognized by many developers. What’s more, the background data shows that online house-viewing traffic increased by nearly 10 times during the Covid-19, and IDEAMAKE Marketing Cloud empowers developers to accurately acquire customer traffic by more than 2 times.

Why can online sales gallery get such rich traffic? IDEAMAKE believes that the following three lessons can be used for explanation.

First, high-quality project content is required. From the perspective of home buyers, whether can obtain high-quality content online is the basic premise for choosing a new house. Take IDEMAKE Mobile-Hometour 3.0 as an example,as a content carrier, the Mobile-Hometour 3.0 is actually a digital sales gallery. In addition to the basic real estate information and sample rooms, the Mobile-Hometour 3.0 will also present the location mapping, 3D master plan, supporting facilities, and 3D interior & exterior walkthrough. These things are not intuitively displayed in the offline sales gallery. Considering that one person lacks the sense of interaction in viewing a house, IDEAMAKE’s Mobile-Hometour 3.0 supports VR viewing and 1V1 live stream room, the salespersons, and connect customers remotely by mobile phone and make interactions during the process. Clients can ask the question in the process and the salesperson can answer real-time.

Secondly, respect the achievements of property salesperson in developing customers online, and enhance the desire of them to share more. When the efforts of a sales consultant are confirmed and every data is recorded, he will use all his creativity to do community operations, share fission, and help the project touch more potential clients. Due to the special of the real estate industry, real estate is very suitable for word-of-mouth share. Once the share chain radiates far away, the marginal effect of marketing can be maximized.

Furthermore, it is necessary to achieve effective connection and linkage between brands and sales, which is a nuclear weapon to increase the success rate of marketing conversion. Taking Times Group as an example, the brand organizes an online marketing coupon campaign, and consumers can order their favorite houses online in advance and enjoy discounts. At the same time, salespersons can also accumulate these high-intention customers online in advance.

In the next article, we will continue to discuss other perspectives on how real estate can do marketing anti-anxiety in the “Silver Age”. If you are interested in the theme or want to express your opinions, please leave us a comment below or email us:

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