How Can Property Developers Take The First Step In Digital Transformation(二)

What is special in the field of digital marketing is that there is a huge gap between the previous online customer accumulation and offline visits. Therefore, the actual marketing digitization does not mean copying traditional offline marketing strategies then moving online, not equal to these actions such as electronic materials, VR viewing, live stream house selling, etc. It is a closed-loop integrated online and offline marketing. Only in this way can property companies get through the last mile of real estate marketing.

IDEAMAKE can share some ideas and experiences with everyone in the field.

1 All channels, unified brand image

In the last few years is the years that distribution channels of the real estate industry are more powerful, and gradually threatening to the profits of property companies, at the same time, the brand power of property companies constantly weakened. There are some reasons to support this: firstly, it needs much investment to build brand image; second, the profits in the short time are very small, and the monetization process is slow; finally, it lacks a trusted and unified traffic pool. The result of a large investment in the brand may be to make a wedding dress for others.

However, the online selection cycle of customers has become longer under the new marketing environment, and the proportion of online decision-making has increased about house-purchasing. Brand power will become the core basis for retaining customers before actual touching.

After the whole process of digital marketing is completed, the first principle of marketing is “integration of online and offline”. That is to say, all channels brand export should keep a unified brand image, break through the barriers between offline and online marketing activities, and all traffic has a unified pool to carry. After the potential customer receives the coupon through the online sales gallery scan code, at the same time the customer information is recorded, and the customer also obtains the preferential information before arriving the offline sales gallery and realizes the preposition of the bargaining power. In this process, every extension of the property sales will be digitally recognized, and the customer’s entire life cycle will be well taken care of – based on this, the business closed loop will be established.

2 Empower sales not control

Real estate marketing is a strong business-oriented scenario, and the real core is always the first-line property sales and agents. Therefore, IDEAMAKE thinks that if a tool cannot empower property sales and agents, it cannot empower the project, and if it cannot empower the project, it cannot empower the property companies.

Taking the actual property selling scenario as an example, all transactions are based on sales and agents using WeChat ecology as a carrier to connect customers and promote project’s content and marketing activities to customers in need. In this process, the tool including VR viewing, live stream, integral mall, and universal marketing can bring new experiences to clients. When the customer visits the offline sales gallery, the system intelligently determines the customer’s attribution according to the previous actual track of the customer online, realizes the scientific quantification of the work result of the property sales and agents, upgrades the traditional result control to process control, and realizes the real empowerment of the first line (property agents and sales).

3 Deep customer insights, improve transaction efficiency

The core question of real estate marketing is to answer: Where are my customers come from, where are they going, and where do I find my precise clients.

The offline sales galleries are still in a “black box” state before the client’s visit, and the sales know nothing about the clients. But once the marketing front-end and back-end are connected, the real estate sales can clearly know what information each visiting customer is attracted to offline, which units they are interested in, and what are the potential needs, and then match the reception plan that the customer needs, to achieve customer insight from closed to transparent, service provision from blind to customized.

In addition, based on data precipitation analysis, the marketing management can also achieve full-process digital monitoring of the effect of activities and visit rate. By subdividing and disassembling the action of gaining customers, the input-output ratio is evaluated and the conversion of marketing strategies is optimized, so establish closed-loop marketing and upgrade of organizational management. What’s your opinions about the topic, If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us:


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