House Viewing:Five Tips You Have To Know

The COVID-19 will not go away completely in a short time. It is difficult for a property consultant to sell a house. As we all know, the basic salary of a salesperson is very low, it is hard to guarantee the basic life without commission. If quitted, the situation will get worse.

If you are a property salesperson and want to get rid of this dilemma as soon as possible. On the one hand, you can try to touch more potential customers and increase the number of them in your clients’ pool; on the other hand, you should try your best to improve conversion, make full use of a small number of existing customers to facilitate transactions.

It is difficult to acquire more customers during COVID-19. Therefore, it may be more feasible to improve conversion. The key is to show the real house sample to your clients and ensure safety. if you can do that, you can greatly improve the conversion and thus improve sales performance.

1.Offline HouseViewing:How to dispel customer concerns and stimulate customers to see the house?

The premise of house viewing is that the potential clients are willing to see, but during the epidemic, customers have many worries and are not willing to go out to see the house.

Property consultants can tell customers the protective measures and rules of the offline sales gallery so that customers can come to visit the house without safety worries. Some sales gallery only receive a group(on more than 10) of customers to see the house at a time. In fact, the house viewing experience is better and safer.

If the customer still doesn’t want to visit, you can give a little stimulation, such as telling the customer that the sales gallery has a lot of daily visits, the transaction is hot, and the good unit does not wait for others.

It’s better to post some photos of the hot scenes, and you can also stimulate customers with small videos such as the customer’s smashing golden egg draw.

2. Do more with less at the right time

The customer is willing to see the house, and the time for the customer to visit the house is also critical, because the lighting of one day may be different at different times.

Generally, try to see the house on a sunny day from about 10:00 to 12:00, because during this time the room has better lighting, the room is brighter, and the customer may prefer the project more.

Avoid inviting your clients on rainy days. Inconvenient to go out may result in poor mood and experience.

In short, we must consider the details of the viewing experience in advance.

3.The ingenious use of viewing skills to improve transaction conversion

After customers come to the offline sales office, the receptionist must strictly implement the epidemic prevention process. Such as measuring body temperature, registering, no-cleaning disinfection, etc., let customers know that you take care of their safety.

  • Pay attention to the quantity and quality of the house

When recommending a house to a client, it is not advisable to have too many of them. Three sets are appropriate, which not only allows the client to make choices and comparisons but also does not allow the client to look at the tricks and make decisions.

Moreover, the order of the recommendation is also very particular. You can try to divide the house into the ABC level. According to the difference, so that customers can see the house’s differences and make comparisons.

  • Identify key decision-makers as the main target

Finding the key decision-maker is to dig deep into his needs. Here to remind, don’t try to change the customer’s demand for housing.

If the customer’s demand or preference is not consistent with the selling point you are strongly recommending, not only can you not get the customer’s empathy, but also make the customer feel bored, the purchase willingness will be greatly reduced. Even the selling point became a disadvantage.

The correct approach should be to describe to the customer the points of interest that meet the customer’s needs, so as to be targeted and focused to impress the customer. For example, if the wife is the key decision-maker and the reason for housing is to give birth to a second child, you can export the selling point from the perspective of the child.

When exporting selling points, keep in mind that customers want more than just a house, but a better life. Therefore, there can be more scene descriptions of customers living here, so that customers have longing and yearning, plus on-site experience, it is easier to be impressed.

 4. Be sure to check the house first, then talk about the price

In order to prevent customers from being scared by the house price from the beginning, the correct order is to visit the house first and then talk about the price.

When customers make a final decision to buy a house, they often look at not absolute prices, but the price-performance ratio. Therefore, as long as the customer fully knows that the house is in line with his needs, he will not be afraid of the price. So it is best to look at the house first, and then go back to the sales gallery and talk about the price slowly.

5.VR live viewing to promote offline visits

VR live viewing can not only be convenient for customers to review, but also can reduce the customer’s threshold and resistance to viewing the house by reducing the time and energy costs of viewing the house.

Compare to offline visiting, VR live viewing can greatly improve the efficiency of viewing. According to the statistics of a project, the viewing efficiency of the project has increased by 5 times through VR live viewing. At most one day, the consultant showed more than 100 groups online, which was difficult to do offline.

Of course, VR live viewing is not intended to replace the original offline viewing, on the contrary, it can promote offline visiting through online viewing, and attract visitors to the offline sales gallery.

Therefore, when using VR live to view, the property consultant should actively guide customers to review offline, and may even leave some suspense to attract customers to visit offline.

VR live viewing can be viewed in two-way real-time communication, real estate consultants can more accurately grasp customer needs through online communication and can output content to customers based on demand when reviewing offline, making it easier to impress customers and improve conversion.

The COVID-19 has not gone away yet, and the property consultant’s survival is harder than before. Therefore, it is necessary to practice internal skills and promote transformation. One of the key points is to using VR live viewing. Property consultants should make good invitations, and make good use of viewing skills in the viewing process at the same time. Property consultants can also use VR viewing to obtain more viewing opportunities and high-intention customers, thereby promoting conversion, improving sales performance in special periods, and overcoming difficulties.

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