House Live Viewing is Hitting in China During Lockdown

China real estate industry opened the era of online house selling in advance affected by the “black swan” of the coronavirus. Remote live house viewing and live house selling have become a new trend in the industry. With the maturity and popularity of 5G technology, VR and live broadcast, real estate marketing is facing profound changes, real estate companies can take the lead in the future if they can make a complete transformation as quickly as possible.

There are still many inconveniences coming to offline sales gallery even the coronavirus has not passed yet. Although offline sales galleries are gradually reopening, most of them are restricted to visit. However, whether it is the real estate company itself or the various distribution channels, a large number of customers have accumulated during the coronavirus outbreak and are in urgent need of viewing houses. To some extent, the demand for house purchasing was stimulated & release as the coronavirus goes away, how to quickly receive a large number of customers to view the house has become an industry problem.

1 Remote live viewing happens anytime, anywhere

In order to improve the efficiency of house-viewing reception and promote the conversion of offline visits, IDEAMAKE, the provider of real estate digital marketing services, upgrade the mini-program of online sales gallery and launch remote VR live house viewing function. Sales can deploy remote 1V1 VR house viewing on-screen, provide 720 ° real-time live viewing, real-time online interaction and answer customer’s questions, create immersive house viewing for customers. 

Through the PropTech, real estate companies can greatly improve reception efficiency. Each sales and agents can receive an average of 20 groups of customers online in a day. It is a good way to meet customer’s needs without touching and reduce the time and the cost of house viewing.

2 Real-time interaction and answer customer’s questions

Customers can view the house on online sales gallery, leave the phone number by one-click authorization. The sales and agents can call the customer to invite them to view houses online by VR technology. If the customer agrees, he can choose to contact any sales and agents to know more information. The sales or agents can start the VIP service of 1V1 VR house viewing anytime. Sales or agents can provide comprehensive project explanations, switch freely the content containing e-brochure, location mapping, 3D master plan, 3D floor plan, exterior & interior walkthrough, etc.

The VR house viewing allows sales or agents to interact with the clients according to the contents in real-time. Customers can ask questions about their concerns after the sales or agents finishing the project introduction, and the sales can answer questions in time. Through two-way communication, this process of purchasing has become sales and customers to jointly screen the house listings together, which can more accurately grasp the real core needs of customers, and carry out precision marketing, thereby reducing the transaction cycle.

3 Create private domain traffic pool

Online sales gallery is real estate companies’ private domain pool, the traffic attracted by various marketing promotions such as live house viewing, universal marketing, etc, belongs to real estate companies themselves. It is not subject to the rules of the third-party platform. The traffic will be deposited in the private domain traffic pool of the housing enterprise, which is convenient for further drainage, operation, and conversion. Developers can set more personalized functions for online house viewing such as inviting code, red envelopes, lottery, questionnaires, desktop sharing, etc. It is useful to attract more customers. 

For buyers, the live housing viewing can be seamlessly connected with the content of online sales gallery. Customers who are interested in the house can directly link to the homepage of online sales gallery to book and register.

The coronavirus has accelerated the advent of the online era of real estate, and homebuyers have gradually adapted to the mode of online viewing. What’s your opinion about the prospect of online house selling. If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us: 


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