From Offline to Online: Big Changes Happening in China’s Real Estate Industry

Offline house viewing and activities have been frozen because of coronavirus in the past two months, the developers have to find another way to push marketing and make the cashback. A large number of online sales methods have been stimulated under the situation. More than a dozen developers such as Evergrande, R & F, Sunac, Poly, and New City have launched online sales galleries and started “online house selling.” There are also some project marketing teams learning the “live broadcast sales” of internet celebrity. A project of Sunac, using VR house viewing, has achieved “62 hours of viewing 5766 groups, online registration of 2100 groups, orders of 1068 groups”.

Online house selling seems to have gone from street snacks to meals that can be served at the table. After the coronavirus, the transaction mode and marketing ideas of real estate will be greatly expanded, from the channel to the content, it will enter a new stage.

1 The marketing node of projects will be pre-positioned

In the past, the opening of offline sales galleries and sample houses were important nodes for real estate marketing to attract customers. To meet the presentation requirements of the project, it is necessary to cooperate with the physical 3D sand table and demonstration area. Sometimes the project is delayed, which will lead to a delayed opening of the project or shorten the time of marketing activities. Affect the operational efficiency of the project.

However, with the widespread use of online sales galleries, before houses built, the developer can launch VR products to present the project in advance, the sales can touch customers online, and the customer accumulation time will be greatly moved forward.

2 The main battlefield for project promotion – online

“Online promotion, offline marketing” was the main competition model for the real estate industry in the past. Purchase traffic on the real estate e-commerce platform to expand market coverage and touch more customers online, then harvest customers accurately through activities, promotions, and customer scene experience. However, the effect of the marketing method has been getting weaker and weaker.

Now the whole society has entered a big environment of all-media dissemination. Short videos and live broadcasts have become the scenes with the longest daily use time, while the use of large home screens and digital media has grown rapidly, and users’ media usage habits have completely changed. If developers want to catch up with their target customers, they must increase their investment in online marketing. Online marketing will provide more tricks to attract customers, while developers can get more accurate traffic, they can also reduce the cost-effectiveness of marketing.

3 Commutation skills have been taken a higher place for salespersons

The first touch between sales and customers was transferred from the offline to the online after real estate marketing converted online. People have never met each other, and they will have a natural sense of defense. The ability, communicate effectively in the first contact, obtain customer information, and establish a personal relationship, is important for sales. There are several points to keep in mind for a smooth online communication: first, a perfect self-introduction is important, make customers realize that they are talking to a real person, while can increase their realism and trust. Second, create interaction, ask more, listen more. Most people don’t know exactly what they want to buy in the early days when they have the idea of buying a house. If the sales keep talking and it is easy to put pressure on the customer. Therefore, at the beginning of the talk, we should focus on listening and asking questions, and increase the customer’s attention through increasing interaction. Finally, customer perspective. The role of the salesperson in the online negotiation process is not a sales guide, but a consultant. As a client’s assistant, help him get more information and tap his deepest needs. Therefore, when communicating, we should help him analyze and make choices from the perspective of the customer.

There are many methods to boost real estate online marketing, this requires developers to continuously sum up the experience in practice and maintain a keen sense of smell in the market. If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us:

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