Customer Success Story of Property Developers: How to Win the First Battle When Entering the New Market?

Why this project?

With only 30 sales, within 7 months, Time Mansion (not the real name) has ranked at the first place of Foshan’s property selling list. For every 10 houses sold in Foshan, there are 6 houses from Time Mansion.

Total online visits of Time Mansion have exceeded 130,000, the cumulative visitors reached nearly 40,000, as well as high-intention customers over 3,000, accounting for 8.2%. The project, Time Mansion, has become a rising star of real estate project in Foshan, and it is the first project of Rsunproperty in South China. How can a new team achieve such successful results in 7 months? Let’s review the whole marketing process together.

Using new technology of real estate marketing in China

Using Mini Program as a carrier, WeChat as a communication platform to reconstruct real estate marketing processes is an important measure for the project’s success. Matching offline sales gallery with three weapons: large location mapping, iPad demonstration panel and traceability electronic sign in, Time Mansion has achieved selling process control by forming a closed-loop immersive digital marketing solution.

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3 steps to build a closed-loop marketing strategy

1 Built mobile sales gallery

IDEAMAKE (Top.1 digital marketing solution provider) helps Time Mansion create one-stop service containing 3D master plan, interactive location mapping, 3D floor plan, 3D exterior & interior visualization, walkthrough, electronic sign-in, content launch, and visitor tracking system, integrated offline display, online dissemination, and data analysis. Each salesperson has his own electronic-card containing all the sales materials of the project, which facilitates sales selling and sharing the mobile hometouring link anytime, anywhere. The project has already reached its target customers before the house is built using an online sales gallery named IDEAMAKE marketing cloud

2 Launch marketing events on mobile sales gallery with clear ROI

The developer can launch different marketing events such as large lighting festivals, grape picking, and etc. though the online sales gallery, and the sales send the invitation for every customer who views the project online. Interested customers can sign up online, receiving purchasing coupons and therefore participating in the events. Forming closed-loop marketing between online and offline, which can help developers calculate the cost-effectiveness of marketing activities.

3 Real-time marketing process control

Electronic sign-in is an important function for online communication and offline verification. Developers and managers can not only know the ratio: online access / offline visits, but also which sale or agent attracts a certain prospect first to the sales gallery according to the real-time feedback from the visitor tracking system. Managers can estimate the scale of next marketing activities, make the budget plan properly, and carry on data-based “punishment and rewards” on the sales team.


The support from developer and managers

Marketing tools are used well, of course, cannot be separated from the support of the project management team. A series of activities and measurements have been carried out. Marketing events are held every two weeks. Purchasing coupons are provided on mobile sales gallery to lure customers. What’s more, all sales are divided into 4 teams to carry out the competition of selling and make a reasonable reward and punishment system to motivate the team members. Team leads will check group members’ daily promotion results, like the sharing of project hometouring, project activities and etc.

The project’s success depends on the perfect fit of each link. It’s hard to enter the new market, but with the help of digital marketing tools and strong interior enforcement, things get easier. This is a typical example of selling property in China and I hope it will give you some help. If you have some questions about the article, please leave us a comment below or email us

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