Business AI Card, Analyze Your Customers Better Than You

China’s marketing has entered the WeChat era in the past two years, especially in real estate, and the way of marketing propagation has gradually become social communication. In fact, what is revealed is the rise of private domain traffic. Real estate companies who fully grasp the connection of customer resources have more market competitiveness.

So as a real estate supplier, how to market socially? And how to quickly accumulate and retain customers in communication is a compulsory course that every company must face. Business AI Card, launched by IDEAMAKE, integrated self-introduction, online sales gallery, company dynamics, can retain numbers of customers in a short time at a lower cost and build a private domain traffic pool for real estate companies by social communication.

1 Business AI Card: Accurate promotion of corporate brand

Sales and agents are not only introduce themselves but also deliver company’s strength verbally in the process of facing customers. In this way, everyone has their special introduction and often leads to unclear output of company’s values. Facing the difficulty, AI business card contains the sector of sales profile, online sales gallery, and company dynamics, which make the delivery of company values unified. Equivalent to every business AI card shared and clicked, it is an intuitive and efficient corporate brand delivery. Every sales and agent can empower the company’s marketing and become the IP of company marketing!

Sales and agents can generate their own business AI cards in just 3 minutes. The business AI cards can be shared with friends and clients, sent to WeChat moments, and generated posters easily, which ways make it convenient to market and fissile.

2 Business AI Card: Instant message

Generally speaking, most real estate customers are reluctant to add salesperson’s WeChat for privacy protection, but through business AI cards, without adding friends or downloading chat software, they can communicate with customers through consultation function real-time, greatly reducing the threshold for customer consultation.

During the chat, even if the customer closes the card, they can still receive information reminders. In order to stimulate the customer’s willingness to chat, the salesperson can set an automatic reply within the card. When the customer sees the salesperson actively speaking, the possibility of chatting increases greatly.In addition, Salespersons can set customer rate based on the customer’s intention.

3 Business AI Card: Touch more customers easily

Business AI Card can be saved, shared, and spread. Salespersons can forward business cards to real estate customers with one click. Customers can share with family numbers and friends, send to WeChat moments, etc. In the process of layer-by-layer diffusion and fission of salesperson-real estate customers-customer’s friends, all the visit behaviors can be traced, and the purchase intention of customers can be analyzed easily.

In addition to the sharing of sales profile, when salespersons forward corporate dynamics and online sales gallery, both of them carry the entrance of business AI cards, on the hand, attracting more purchase customers to visit; on the other hand, not miss any potential business docking opportunities.

4 Business AI Card: Anticipate customers intention

Every visit behavior of customers can be recorded in the AI business card. As a sales or agent, you can clearly know that: what time your customers have visited your project? How long they have stayed? Which part they most like? Whether your customers share the project with others? etc. Based on the customer’s behavior analysis system, Business AI Card can analyze the customer intention from the dimensions of customer interest preference, interaction, customer activity, customer label, etc, and intelligently predict customers’ purchase intentions.

Business AI Card, while allowing corporate brands to spread online, it also builds private domain traffic for the company. Sales or agents can share project contents, do online marketing, accumulate customers, analyze customers, make a deal. What’s your opinion about the prospect of business AI Card. If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us:

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