8 Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips in China 

IF you want to grow your real estate business in China, marketing plays a big role in drawing potential customers’ attention. Don’t miss the chance because of knowing little about the Chinese properties industry. Here are some tips collected from Top real estate developers in China.

1 Build an Official WeChat Mini Program

Many customers investigate the product information on the mobile phone before buying, especially property investment. Giving specific information about your property on your WeChat Mini program combining great photos & video, 3D virtual tour and detailed location value mapping is a good way to capture your prospective clients. Not only this, the Wechat mini program is a traffic closing platform integrating online and offline marketing. You can launch the offline activities information online to gain customer information, and therefore calculate the cost-effectiveness ratio of the activities through electronic sign-in.

2 Create a Profile on Real Estate Platform Such as Fang.com

Over 80% of customers are used to searching real estate platform website to find house information when they’re intended to buy a house. It is an indispensable step if you want to get more exposure for your new properties. There are many real estate platforms in China with different prices, not to mention that the more money you pay to the platform, the more audiences you may get. Some platforms may be more popular in a specific market, your choice depends on your target customers. What’s more, you can insert your virtual hometour link or WeChat mini program QR code to the platform to offer more immersive information.

3 Customized Interactive Virtual Tour

The virtual tour seems to be a standard marketing tool for Chinese real estate developers. It is not difficult to understand that customers’ time is precious and they seldom have chances and energy to see all properties in person in the sales gallery. The virtual tour is a good way to give a comprehensive, accurate preview of your property for potential buyers. Not only that, the virtual tour is easy to share and spread on social mediums. It can help you to build a brand image in a short time.

4 Saddle Up for Social Ads

If you have enough budget, WeChat ads are often the most effective way to get in front of clients. In addition to real estate platforms, WeChat is an indispensable advertising battleground in China. There are more than one billion users on WeChat every day, WeChat push ads to those potential buyers based on their algorithm to ensure you’re paying to get noticed by your target audiences just like Facebook.

5 Partner with Local Businesses

It needs a long time to build a local connection net when you enter into a new market. An easier way to save time is to corporate with local property agency. The companies tend to have mature local marketing experiences and relationship net, they can gain the target customers in a short time. However, the method has a drawback, the companies tend to surcharge high commission, especially large real estate agencies. Surveys show that for overseas developers, some small agencies may be better choices because they charge properly and work more efficiently.

6 Hold Unique Offline Activities to Attract Your Target Customers

If customers come to the sales gallery to visit your new property, it means that your selling is half successful. But the crux is how to attract customers coming to your sales gallery. Many developers will hold many interesting and attractive activities. Due to the fierce competition, the types of activities are also more varied and unexpected. Such as “Parent-child education activity salon”, “Cross-border marketing with luxury brands”, “Appreciation of Art Collections”, etc. A successful offline activity can lead to good conversion.

7 Keep an Eye on the Competition

You should make a list of your local competitors: “What marketing methods are they adopting? What kinds of activities are they preparing for? How active are they on social media? What types of sales tools are they using?” Avoiding their mistakes and draw on their strengths, then you can become more professional in your selling and convince your customers. In this way, you can get an easier approach to success.

8 Build Your Property Business on Gaode or Baidu Map

The tip is the most easily overlooked by real estate developers, but the most practical tip. The first thing is to search for the place if your customers plan for your sales gallery. Decorate your Gaode or Baidu map with the great photo, phone number, and project introduction. Your property can give your potential customers a better impression than your competitors.

With these marketing ideas, you’re sure to win your potential customers and attract them to your services. If you want to know more about Chinese real estate marketing, please leave us a comment below or email us: contact@ideamake.cn.

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