5 Ways to Completely Transform Real Estate Marketing with Latest Protech

Transforming the traditional way of property marketing, IDEAMKE technology is completely changing the way of property marketing and selling. Cooperated with 200+ real estate developers/construction companies,IDEAMAKE has successfully delivered 1500+ projects in the past 8 years. The clients who use the sales tools from IDEAMAKE earned 43% more business, over 75% of their existing clients repurchased the product for the new projects.

If these jaw-dropping facts aren’t enough to wow you. Now we are going to show you clearly why the sales tools are so useful and loved deeply by developers, which combines offline presentation, online dissemination, and data analytics.

1 Support Property Business Around the World

An iPad demonstration app is a portable sales gallery, with interactive location mapping, 3D virtual master plan,3D unit location, virtual interior walkthrough, virtual exterior walkthrough, e-brochure, promotion video, and mortgage calculator all in one app. What’s more, the sales tool also supports various language versions.

Getting rid of the physical restriction of the sales gallery, no matter which country and city your target customers live, you can present the whole values of the project in front of them. Prospects no longer have to imagine their future home with paper materials. Buyers will feel like they’re walking into the property in person.

2 High-techPress Conference

The project’s press conference is an excellent opportunity to reveal your new project to potential buyers. With an iPad at hand, you can show every detail of the whole project with 3D visualization at super large screen. Wow your clients with impressive pro-tech. 

3 Digitalized Sales Gallery

What’s the standard equipment at your sales gallery? Physical scale model? Showroom? Touch TV with videos and pictures? That’s far from enough. How can you stand out from dozens of sales galleries at your place? It’s time to upgrade your sales gallery with IDEAMAKE. No matter is one-to-one or one-to-multiple visitors at the same time, IDEAMAKE meets all the needs.

4 Let Your Clients Take the Virtual Project Away

Don’t give your visitors paper material with a business card when they leave. How can you know whether they check them again or just throw them to the dustbin? It’s time to change! With IDEAMAKE, you can let your clients scan the QR code to take the mobile hometour link back home. It is convenient to help the potential clients review the project or share the project with families or friends for purchase decision making together.

5 Mobile Internet Marketing on Various Social Mediums

Social mediums have always been an indispensable marketing platform. Transplanted from iPad Demonstration Panel, IDEAMAKE’s mobile hometour is a powerful link, with both project 3D details and sale’s contacts. It applies to various social mediums, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, Pinterest, WeChat, etc., so the project contents can drive a lot of traffic. 

Each sale owning “IDEAMAKE” app with its personal information and project information (like a Business – Personal electronic card). you can send the project link with your personal information anytime, anywhere when your clients want to know more.

Using real estate sales tools from IDEAMAKE is your time to shine. If you have any questions or want to know more, please leave us a comment below or email us: contact@ideamake.cn.

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