5 Steps to Buying A House in China Remotely

The real estate market never sleeps even under the COVID-19 crisis, which is good news if you want to invest in China’s property remotely. Don’t worry that you can’t travel to China during the period of lockdown. Today, buying a house remotely can happen pretty much because of the emerging of mini-program(online sales gallery), live house tour, VR house journey, etc, and there are many people and processes set up and ready to help. Let us start the house buying journey.

1 Find a local agent

The local agent is familiar with the local real estate market, he can show your houses according to your demands and give you valued investment suggestion. Local agent is your absolute better choice when you invest house in other countries. It’s crucial to know more information about the local market so that you can compare the various houses, and local agent can list the advantages and disadvantages of each house you loved to help you make the buying decision.

Find an experienced and qualified agent is inevitable for everything. How to find a great agent? If you have a family member, friend, or colleague who already lives in the region where you want to invest, you can ask them for a favor. Otherwise, you can check out a real estate agent platform such as fang.com and lianjia.com to search agents effectively. You have better search at least 3-5 agents to compare the experience with remote sales and comments from served clients. One thing should not be ignored you need to communicate with them one by one before you make the choice to ensure the agent is fit for you.

2 Ask yourself what you want

It is always important to know your deep demands what you want and what you don’t want when you purchase a house. Especially house buying remotely, only this, your agent can clearly know that what you must have and what you must have not and recommend the right houses according to your needs.

In addition to the specifics like the property size, type, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, place location on an important role. Buy a house is buying a location because the future development potential and the premium of a house are mainly determined by location. What’s more, make a list of your demands including surrounding amenities, home condition, and decoration, etc, to help your agent understand you. The more information you provide, the better job can be done by your agent.

3 VR house journey

VR house journey has been hitting China’s real estate market since the COVID-19 outbreak. Clients stay at home to enjoy house journey by VR is becoming a trend, which not only can save time and energy, but also increase the efficiency of the house tour. At most one client can visit offline sales gallery is 3 in one day, but online, he can tour 7-8 new projects. Then choose 3-4 projects to visit offline sales gallery to understand further. If you want to buy a house in China remotely, the VR house journey is an essential choice to learn about the real condition of the projects. Not only can you tour the interior and exterior house walkthrough, but you can view the location value to know the development potential and policy support and view the 3D master plan to know the amenities surrounded the project. If the house has been built or has sample rooms, you can let your agent start the live house tour directly to feel the real-life atmosphere of the project. Property tech makes the house buying process easier.

4 Make an offer

Online booking is adopted by some of China’s real estate companies during the lockdown, because of the convenience and high-efficiency, online booking as one of the registrations is still used. You can enter into an online sales gallery(mini-program: a marketing tool carrying all the project information) that belongs to the real estate company you want to choose. You can book by the online sales gallery directly following the system guidance. Of course, you can also let your agent help you finish all the process of house buying. But in this way you need to pay more.

5 Schedule a home inspection

Note that while a home inspection isn’t always required, it can make you more at ease. Especially you buy a house remotely. This is your opportunity to dig deep into the specifics of a property and find out if there are any events that will need to address before you can close. Let your agent invite you to attend the live house tour by mobile when inspected. Don’t be fearful of trouble, because you are not lucky all the time. One inspection as your last step of house buying remotely can not be ignored.

Buying a house remotely is easier than before, hope the article will help you if you have a house buying plan in China. If you have any questions about the article or want to discuss with us, please leave us a comment below or email us: contact@ideamake.cn.

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