2020 Top 10 Real Estate Developers in China

China is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world and the real estate market has long been a key part of the Chinese economy. As “Research Report on the Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Development Enterprises in 2020” released on May 20, 2020, the Real estate market in China has always been competitive but the leading companies are quite stable. Let’s take a look at 2020 Top 10 real estate developers in China.

1 Evergrande Real Estate Group

Evergrande Group,founded in 1997 in Guangdong, relocated to Shenzhen in 2017, owns many subsidiaries working in real estate, finance, health sectors, culture & travel, etc. Evergrande Real Estate Group, as the main business, has become the top 1 real estate developer in China in the last two decades. Evergrande Real Estate Group has China’s first-class development qualification and always committed to the projects of integrated Projects. The main types of development are large residential projects, high-rise apartment projects, detached villas, commercial properties and townships.

Evergrande first to launch an online sales gallery, VR & Live hometour under the COVID-19 outbreaks, which digital marketing tools make Evergrande’s sales stand out among all Chinese real estate companies in China. The company released a report On March 5, saying that in February, contract sales reached 44.73 billion yuan, an increase of 108% year-on-year, and sales area was 5.138 million square meters, an increase of 154% year-on-year.

Key Projects

♦ Evergrande Century Culture City

♦ Evergrande Health Valley

♦ Evergrande Cultural Tourism City

♦ Evergrande Century Coast

♦ Evergrande Fashion Valley

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♦ Evergrande Cultural Tourism City

♦ Evergrande Century Coast

♦ Evergrande Fashion Valley

♦ Evergrande City Light

♦ Evergrande Sunny Peninsula

2 Country Garden

Founded in 1992, Country Garden is China’s fasting growing developer of new urbanized housing, with its headquarter based in Foshan, Guangdong, adopting a centralized and standardized operating model, the business includes property management, construction security, hotel development, and management and property investment, etc. Country Garden provides diversified projects to cater to different market needs and businesses all over the world such as Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The company is mainly known for its high-end township projects, one of the most famous projects is Forest City in Malaysia. It also provides high-rise apartments, hotels, and industrial projects.

Key Projects

♦ Country Garden Forest City

♦ Country Garden Holiday Peninsula

♦ Country Garden & China Railway

♦ Country Garden Official Blue

♦ Country Garden Phoenix City

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♦ Country Garden Forest City

♦ Country Garden City Avenue

♦ Country Garden Beihai Sunshine

♦ Country Garden Genting

♦ Country Garden Gold Leaf

3 Vanke

Founded in 1984, Vanke has become one of the largest domestic residential development companies, headquartered in Shenzhen. Vanke is engaged in leading the industry in energy conservation, emission reduction, and continues to promote the industrialization of green buildings. The product is always positioned in the mainstream residential market in the city, mainly providing houses for ordinary urban families. The main types of projects are huge residential projects, large townships with residential homes and land and high-rise apartment buildings.

Key Projects

♦ Vanke Green Lake International

♦ Vanke Emerald Changan

♦ Vanke Sky City

♦ Vanke Metropolis

♦ Vanke Seven Star Coast

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♦ Vanke Chongqing Tiandi

♦ Vanke Starry Sky

♦ Vanke City Garden

♦ Vanke Rhine Peninsula

♦ Vanke Ideal City

4 Sunac China Holdings

Established in 2003, Sunac China Holdings is the youngest real estate on our list but still one of the largest developers in China. Guided by its brand positioning of “Passion for Perfection”, Sunac has been committed to providing complete solutions for Chinese families to enjoy a better life. The company adheres to the regional focus and the high-end boutique development strategy and provides diversified products including high-end residential, cultural tourism, commercial facilities, office building, etc.

Key projects

♦ Sunac Embassy Yard No. 1

♦ Suzhou Peach Garden

♦ Sunac Qingdao Bay Villa

♦ Daning North Magnolia Mansion

♦ Sunac·Time One

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♦ Sunac Guoling Town

♦ Sunac Center

♦ Sunac East Bay

♦ Sunac Shanghai Commercial

♦ Sunac Snow Court

5 China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd.

The Company was founded in Hong Kong in 1979 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1992. As the subsidiary of the largest China state construction engineering corporation (CSCEC), China Overseas Land & Investment Limited is organically compatible with the distinctive features of international and localized operations. The company insists on diversified development and business involving property investment, property management, architectural design, interior and exterior decoration, import and export of building materials, and infrastructure construction, etc. The main types of properties are residential projects and commercial projects.

Key Projects

♦ Airport Center

♦ Royal Green

♦ China Overseas Plaza

♦ Metro Harbor

♦ JA Parcel

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♦ UniMall

♦ Rivers & Mountains

♦ Yunjin Dongfang

♦ Shenzhou Peninsula

♦ Mansion Nine

6 Poly Real Estate Group

Poly Real Estate Group was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Guangzhou. Poly Real Estate Group, as a subsidiary of Poly Group, is a state-owned enterprise and owns national first-class real estate development qualification. The company has maintained a high-speed and stable growth trend in the last two decades and now has entered into the stage of large-scale development. Always take harmony, nature and comfort as development philosophy, Poly not only provides buildings and space but also design elements and aesthetics of life. All types of properties are provided by Poly Real Estate Group, including commercial, residential, hotels and retirement homes.

Key Projects

♦ Poly Future Big City

♦ Poly Delicate Mansion

♦ Poly Sweet Spring Breeze

♦ Poly Joy Metropolis

♦ Poly Purple Shore&Flower City

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♦ Wuhan Military Games

♦ Poly Roland International

♦ Poly Xiangsong

♦ Poly Healthy City

♦ Poly Champagne International

7.Longfor Properties

Longfor Group, founded in Chongqing in 1993, relocated to Beijing now. So far, they have developed more than 236 projects in 36 Chinese cities, owning a bunch of different subsidiaries working in the real estate sector. The four core business arms cover property development, commercial operation, long-term rental apartments and smart services, and Longfor proactively establishes innovative areas such as elderly-care and urbanization projects. Longfor mainly focuses on residential projects (both township and apartment) and commercial projects. What’s more, Longfor is one of the earliest shopping mall developers in China.

Key projects

♦ Longfor MOCO

♦ Longfor Great City Courtyard

♦ Longfor Blue Lake Time

♦ Longfor Paradise Walk

♦ Longfor U City

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♦ Longfor No.1

♦ Longfor Shinning Cloud

♦ Longfor TianLiang

♦ Longfor Optics Valley City

♦ Longfor Optics Spring River

8. Seazen Holdings

Seazen Holdings was founded in Changzhou, Jiangsu province in 1993 and is headquartered in Shanghai. The company has been adhering to the development strategy of “regional focus, high-speed turnover, and product diversification”. In terms of urban layout, the overall layout of national key urban agglomerations and key cities has been basically completed. Ranking among the top 20 in China’s real estate industry for ten years, Seazen Holdings always insists on “ happy home, happy life” development philosophy. Seazen Holdings mainly provides commercial projects, complex projects and residential projects.

Key Projects

♦ Peace One

♦ Wuyue City Square

♦ Beijing International Trade City

♦ Happiness Sails

♦ Happy Dream

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♦ Phoenix One

♦ Tiuanjin Seazen Yuefenghua

♦ Seazen Metropolis

♦ Yuejuan Peninsula

♦ Seazen Time Yujing

9 China Resources Land

China Resources Group is a diversified holding company registered in Hong Kong. China Resources Land, as the subsidiary, is established in Shenzhen in 1994. The company covers a wide range of business: residential development, investment property, urban redevelopment, property management, leasing apartment, industrial funds, industrial property, cultural sports and educational property, cinema, construction and decoration, etc. China Resources Land sticks to the brand philosophy of “better quality better city”, works to transform cities with high-quality products and services. They develop all types of property, including hotels, commercial, residential and industrial projects and etc.

Key projects

♦ Beijing Qinghe Oak Bay

♦ Shanghai The Bound of Bund

♦ Kunlun Center

♦ Guangzhou Science City

♦ Nanning Enjoy Ages·Care Center

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♦ The MIXC

♦ Shimei Bay

♦ Resources West Mountain

♦ Shimei Bay

♦ Taoyuan Park

10 R&F Group

Founded in 1994, R&F Group is headquartered in Guangzhou. The company owns first-class development, first-class design, first-class property management and first-class real estate agency qualification and is one of the most comprehensive real estate companies in China. For more than 20 years, R&F has adhered to a development strategy of “create a quality living with the heartbeat of the city”. So far, it has delivered more than 420 projects in more than 140 cities and regions around the world. Their properties types contain residential projects, commercial properties, hotel and complex projects.

Key projects

♦ Queens Square

♦ R&F Princess Cove

♦ Phnom Penh R&F City

♦ Maison

♦ R&F New City

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♦ R&F Australia

♦ R&F Kaiyuan City

♦ R&F Mangrove Bay

♦ R&F Princess Bay

♦ R&F Yingxi Valley

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