How to Increase the Cohesion of a Team?

This is a world is filled with competition. This is a world that needs to collaborate. A person can go very fast, but the team can go very far. The key to increasing cohesion is corporate culture, which is internalized in every employee’s blood.

IDEAMAKE for the understanding of corporate culture

There are all kinds of interpretations about corporate culture coming from different companies because culture is a general concept containing all kinds of an aspect of social life. Corporate culture is a belief, a behavioral habit, a sense of responsibility, and an upward cohesion for a company. It internalizes in the blood of every staff, telling them where to go and how to reach. The interpretation of IDEAMAKE is: “Let different people work together”. This sentence seems very simple and easy to understand, but it is difficult to make it come true. It needs to respect every employee, respect personality, and respect differences.

The specific content —— Corporate culture version 2.0 of #IDEAMAKE


♣ Driving the transformation of real estate marketing by technology.


♣ Becoming a world-class software service company.


Customer Obsession

♣ Thinking and solving questions from the perspective of customer.

♣ Winning the respect and trust from customers with first-class products and services.

♣ Helping Customer success through cutting-edge customer insights and practices.


♣ Acting on behalf of the team and the entire company all the time.

♣ One goal, help each other, achieve together.

♣ Embracing differences,communicating honestly, resolving conflicts.

♣ Doing small things at the beginning and practicing frugality.

Value Creation

♣ Responsible for the results.

♣ Creating the highest quality products and services, Adhering to high standards.

♣ Keeping innovation and iteration, focusing on long-term value

Optimistic and Enterprising

♣ Embracing chances, acting positively

♣ Stay foolish, stay hungry.

♣ No complaint


Corporate culture version 2.0 of #IDEAMAKE is not only easy to understand, but also more specific. It is more likely to guide employees on how to practice, how to evaluate employee behavior and more benefit to the company’s long-term development.

Why IDEAMAKE attaches importance to corporate culture?

IDEAMAKE just has done one thing, Committed to driving the transformation of real estate marketing by technology,since its establishment, and do it to the best. At present, we have successfully delivered projects to 60% of China’s top 100 developers and our expertise has spanned the globe, including the USA, England, Dubai, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand. Over 75% of our existing clients repurchased the product for their new projects, after experiencing a substantial increase in sales, better customer experience, and an efficient acquisition process.

We deeply know where our destination is: “becoming a world-class software service company”. The road is very long, and we need corporate culture as a beacon to take us forward.

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