Building a Digital Transformation and Upgrade of Real Estate –“IDEAMAKE” Successfully Entered the Tencent SaaS accelerator Strategy

IDEAMAKE Co., Ltd. emerged from 1,500 registered enterprises and became one of the first TOP40 members of Tencent SaaS Accelerator after nearly three months of competition. IDEAMAKE, which just completed the B round of financing this year, is the only one of the 40 head members who specialize in serving B-side companies and is deeply engaged in the real estate industry.

Tencent released the first “Tencent Industry SaaS Accelerator” and carried out global recruitment at Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference “Yunqi Smart Industry Ecology Forum” on May 22nd, 2019. As the first smart industry accelerator in Tencent, it aims to cultivate the “Star of Tomorrow” of the industry Internet track.

Tencent SaaS Accelerator is an important part of Tencent’s accelerator. Tencent will focus on industrial eco-investment and rely on Tencent’s rich C- and B-side resources to create industrial Internet solutions with partners.  Tencent is committed to becoming a digital assistant who can accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry together with partners through the multi-dimensional combination of technology, capability, business opportunity and capital and the all-around acceleration from strategy to practice.

It is found that, from the list of first-time registration enterprises, the current development trend of the domestic SaaS industry is very rapid. The era of barbaric growth is past, the era we facing today is demographic dividends subsided, labor costs increased and the dividend economy turned to an efficient economy. The improvement of basic technologies such as cloud computing provided SaaS with a broader space for development. The 40 members of the Accelerator cover 15 fields, of which 52.5% are general-purpose and 47.5% are vertical.

The first phase of the company’s participation in the fields of finance, education, transportation, real estate, marketing, office collaboration, etc., among which there are many star companies with a valuation of billions of dollars, and the total value of the top 40 companies have been over 35 billion yuan.

IDEAMAKE, which is headquartered in the design capital of Shenzhen, laying on the central city of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Wuhan to cover the whole country, addition to, using the business of Southeast Asian countries as a springboard to radiate overseas markets.

IDEAMAKE has been deeply involved in the real estate industry since its establishment eight years ago, we main provide 3 systems: one is IPad Demonstration Panel, which is an offline app containing everything in a sales gallery,  the second system is the Mobile Hometouring, which is transplanted from iPad demonstration panel, that is easy to share and save on multiple social media, and the third system is the Visitor Tracking System, which helps sales realize precision marketing and sales management.

IDEAMAKE will cooperate with Tencent in resources, technology, business opportunities and capital to provide better products and services for our customers in the future.


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