Developer Branding

Engage your customer’s mind with your brand from the very start.


Show the company strength and history logically and interactively. It’s easy to alter/update/addition, unlike paper materials.

Opening Animation

A dynamic boot-up screen harmonised with the project tone, demonstrating style and selling points of the building to add powerful brand recognition.

Promotion Video

All the promotional materials can be integrated into one app. Reduce the cost by scrapping marketing material production and any additional efforts to transfer them.

Interactive Location Mapping

Evaluate and demonstrate the value of a project precisely.


Demonstrate the value of property clearly, comprehensively and logically in a hierarchical order. Let potential buyers grasp projects’ USPs instantly and save sales’ training time.


Provide graphic design, animation and value combing with our in-house designing team for more than 100 people.


One-time development, applicable to all offline marketing scenarios (iPad/TV/LCD/LED video wall). Upgrade your sales gallery and impress clients once they step in.

Highlight Value
Dynamic Interaction
Top Design
Surrounding Area Entire Project Single Building

3D Digital Master Plan

Get rid of the limitation of the physical scale model, make sales pitch at anytime, anywhere.


Construct interactive 3D scale model of the project surroundings (3-5 kms) based on google earth. Enhance the user experience with the 3D digital master plan. Present key amenities around the project precisely with hotspots and illustration.


Enable to show 3D digital master plan in a series of display forms such as day view, dusk view, or night view, half virtual and half real combination, wind direction and 12-hour sunshine simulations.


Support wireless connection to the TV or large screen which allows demonstrating to multiple customers at the same time.

3D Visualization Walkthrough

Show your clients their future home. Support both virtual 3D rendering and real shooting

3D Visualization Interior Walkthrough


Enable to show different styles of a room by switching up furniture and decorations.

3D Visualization Landscape Walkthrough


Provide 720-degree panoramic walkthrough with 4K HD quality with a first-person perspective, and details to be observed at any angle.

3D Visualization Commercial Walkthrough


Support VR immersion mode to experience details like wearing the VR glasses.

3D Floor Plan

Detachable and perspective floor planning with flexible zooming.

3D Unit Distribution

Farewell to Laser Pens! Show a smarter unit location in 3D architecture visualization master plan.

3D Floor Plan

Enable seamless switch from a 2D floor plan to 3D version and to 3D visualization interior walkthrough. Support layout change and decoration switch to show different interior designs.

Mortgage Plan

Generate mortgage plan for each house type on iPad, enable the customer to take a digital copy straight away by scanning the QR code.


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