Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services do you provide?/ Details?

We provide interactive property marketing tools for developers all around the world. Our products mainly includes 3 parts. One is iPad demonstration app, which is the property sales’ best presentation tool, containing everything in a sales gallery. The second one is the mobile hometour link, which makes your buyers tour homes anytime anywhere on their cellphone, accessible on multiple social media. And the third one is our powerful visitor tracking system, which truly realize the digitalization of the whole chain of property marketing and sales management.

What is the cost?

As we provide a bespoke product, the final cost will depend on your organisation’s requirements and scale of the project. Please get in touch your local office to schedule a meeting with our expert team. They will be happy to explain all the stages and provide you with an estimated cost.

How long does it take?

It’s best to bring us into the project as early as possible. It typically takes 50 working days for us to complete the whole project, and normally though it ultimately depends on the size and scale of your projects and whether the required materials are provided in time.

What do we need to provide for the 360 master plan and exterior space?

The more information to help us understand the project the better. Basic materials are like the source file of the project logo, project VI, E-brochure and location map. If the sales pitches or any project videos are available, that helps in the process.

What do we need to provide for the 3D floor plan and interior space?

1.Design drawings (AutoCAD files preferred), 2D Floor plan, interior design (if the scheme of decoration design is not ready yet, we could offer options for you to choose)

2. Material reference- reference image for the type of materials used for the interior styles

Can we decide what do highlight in “Location Advantages”?

We will ask you to provide all the existing information such as e-brochures, project videos, project VI and location maps for Local Advantage mapping.  In addition, our company will use local maps and different data sources for identifying any extra information about the location.  You will have the full flexibility to decide what to include around the project.

Is it possible to involve our marketing or design team to the project?

Our company recommends your marketing or design team to involve each phase of our project to ensure we match your expectations.  We will regularly share the progress with your teams and collect feedback to ensure every detail of the product meets your requirements.

Would it be possible to make updates or request changes on a completed project?

After the completion of the project, for picture & copy writing modifying, it can be for free in one year; but for 3D content, the cost is based on the work we need to done.

If we have further projects or phases to add in the same app, we charge extra fee for new adding part. And because of our advanced hot upgrade technology, when revision happens, you can just upgrade within the application without re-downloading. 

What are your payment terms?

We ask 30-50% of the total fee at the start, and the outstanding balance to be paid upon project completion.  Final files without our company’s watermarks will be sent after the outstanding balance cleared.

What devices does the app compatible with? phone, tablet, smart TV, touch scree

For iPad demonstration app, it’s a presentation tool for sales, which can only be used on iPad, but could be sync screen to TV or LED screens/walls, or transplanted to PC, touch TV, or Apple TV.

For mobile hometour link, which is just a link could be opened on any mobile devices.

How do you secure our intellectual material?

IDEAMAKE will sign a non-disclosure agreement with your organisation, on request and follow a nondisclosure norm with strict adherence.  Utmost security and precaution are employed in ensuring data protection, and we take all necessary means to protect the secrecy and sanctity of all the information provided.  Our team will provide all the necessary details about how we use your data and information securely during the initial consultation.

What models of iPad support our product?

Here are some suggestions:


iPad Model




Price ($)


2019  iPad

(6th genre)





Support, except for panoramic walkthrough 2.0

2019 iPad Air

 (3rd genre or above)






iPad Pro

(10.5 inches)





Support, except for panoramic walkthrough 2.0

iPad Pro

 (11 inches)





The ratio is not 4:3, need to be informed in advance

iPad Pro

 (12.9 inches)






If you have any questions, please contact us.

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